September 26, 2003

Operation Air Conditioner

The minor investment in a little air-conditioner to cool Flea Mansions was the best money I have ever spent. How much better an investment in liberty (via argghhh!!!).

A non-profit Delaware company operating on donations only, sends 110v single phase air conditioners to our troops in Iraq. They also send medical supplies to the Combat Support Hospitals for both injured American Soldiers and for the staff, as well as various basic items the soldiers request and desperately need.

Home Depot seems to be on-board so it looks like a legitimate operation to me. Operation Iraqi Fleadom is going to shell out for one of these babies. We can make this a League of Extraordinary Bloggers donation if anyone wants to go in on one with me. Just let me know (my email is hidden in a .gif file through the "fighting Quaker" link at the top left of this page) over the next few days and I will post an update next week.

Meantime, Chief Wiggles is organizing toys for Iraqi children (via Pinwheels and Orange Peels).

And then... I meant to mention argghhh!!! looks like a blog to watch out for. I especially like this Max the Maxim Gun post.

And then... Argghhh!!! has moved. Congratulations on the new look!

Posted by the Flea at September 26, 2003 09:03 AM

Thank you sir, for your kind referral. Should you ever find yourself putting through the sere plains of Kansas, consider yourself invited to the arsenal!

Posted by: John of Argghhh! at September 26, 2003 04:22 PM

My name is Gail, and I have just recently left a shelter in Sheridan, AR. This shelter is at a church where they mainly take in young people who are needing help getting off of drugs and getting their lives back. The women's dorm is in the basement of the church, and they have no air conditioning. I have been calling aroung to places to see if they would donate a window unit for their room. So far, I have had no response. Can you please help these girls? Please contact me 8709422910. Thank you

Posted by: Gail Green at June 1, 2004 09:51 PM
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