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September 22, 2003

Life, love and the pursuit of happiness

The Immaterial Girl's website has a scary new-look front-page devoted to promoting The English Roses.

Reading to my kids at night seemed like the ideal time to teach them a thing or two about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. The world's seal of approval could never mean as much to me as my daughter's. If she fidgeted, fell asleep or reached for another book while I read my "works in progress" to her, I knew I was not finished with my work.

And that is why each and every entry at the Flea is play-tested by reading it to my Cthulhu statue, Matrix Sentinel model or Subcomandante Marcos doll (with Ramona). I am fascinated at how the "liberty" in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been PC airbrushed into "love". Liberty, it seems, is a four-letter word for the smart-set of London café society.

It is in the spirit of life, Flea and the pursuit of happiness that I present Madonna's complete performance at the VMA including the notorious kiss(es). I don't care what they say. I don't care what she says. Madonna still dominates the stage.

You may all mock me now.

And then... That goes double for Stevie Nicks.

Nicks was appalled by Madonna's publicity stunt kiss with Spears at the recent MTV Awards. "I thought it was the most obnoxious moment in television history," she said. "Madonna will be fine. Madonna is Madonna. She does what she wants. She will get over this. But will Britney get over it? I don't know."

And then... Ok, get this. Madonna was not only cross-promoting her new album, children's books and Gap-ad team-up with Missy Elliott by her "controversial" Britney kiss (people tend to ignore the Christina kiss for want of surprise). It turns out she features in a track on Britney Spears' forthcoming album. This is a marketing tour de force.

And then... If the San Fransisco Chronicle thinks The English Roses is "overblown" and "empty" there might be a problem.

Read attentively, it yields an extremely personal, almost confessional glimpse into the author's raw feelings. Unfortunately, those feelings bespeak a persecution complex so narcissistic that she ought rather have paid readers $100 an hour than charged them 50 cents a page.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 22, 2003 09:50 AM


I'm with Stevie on this one, it was bloody obnoxious.

Posted by: Paul Jané at September 23, 2003 01:22 PM