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September 15, 2003

Delphic Expanse

I shall do my best to maintain my new release no-spoiler policy in what I have to say about the season premiere of Enterprise. First, thou shall do no spoil! Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman had this to say of last season's finale, "The Expanse":

"I think our final episode of the season is going to be quite startling because we're going to do a cliffhanger that will put a new twist on the series as it enters its third year. I don't really want to get specific about it, but we're not talking about a tiny change. We're talking about a change that is going to, to some degree, alter our mission and, to some degree, change the tone of the series. We're very excited by it. This idea will be introduced partially in the final episode of this season and then more dramatically dealt with in the opener next season."

Ok, this is season three we are starting now? Flea-readers will have noticed I will watch almost anything in the cultural strip-mining process which is my life. Perhaps it is my Welsh heritage. Not only that, I am finally "into" this latest Star Trek effort as the characters take on definition and I have (not quite) got over my disappointment at spending the better of part of the next decade in prequel mode.

It is still a shock to realize just how little has been accomplished in two years. I get the impression Trek producers are getting cold feet vis a vis the ratings and have tweaked the show for greater viewer effect. Hair is more bouffant. Uniforms - particularly T'pol's - are shinier. And the execrable theme-song has been revamped from its elevator-metal original version to a new Love Boat stylee quasi-orchestral rendition.

If only the Trek people were prepared to take some dramatic risks with a new series. Hey, how's this? An alternate-universe type-deal where "aether" is the final frontier...

These are the voyages of Her Majesties Ęther Ship Dauntless. Our mission, to explore romantic new worlds, seek out life, and expand civilization, to boldly go where no gentleman has gone before.

That should probably read "Majesty's"...

And then... Last week's Campblog post linked to an official page for the episode.

Let's hope Archer doesn't go wobbly!

Last season's finale featured an atrocity killing millions including a family member of an Enterprise officer. True to the 9/12 storyline, this season's premiere featured a Starfleet special forces outfit. I cannot have been the only viewer asking where they had left their red shirts. The Flea expects a continuation of the 47% fatality rate of the original series.

And then... Cheese- and beefcake quotas are also up in the new season. Flea-readers may take journalistic interest in Trip's therapeutic back-rub for T'pol.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 15, 2003 09:07 AM


Alas, as much as I was interested in the premise of Enterprise (Star Trek when the final frontier REALLY was a frontier), I am growing more and more uninterested in this version.

The whole "temporal war" business is lame beyond belief.

The constant rehashing of "this is the first time X has happened" stories from Star Trek (original) is annoying. Spock was the first to go "into heat"...it was a big secret before that. Oops, no Lt. Cmdr. Tightsuit does that! The NCC-1701 is the first to see Romulans...Nope! NX01 saw them "first"...

You get my drift.

I like some of the characters. I like the fact that the ship is so "primitive". But somebody has got to whack B&B (the creators) with a big length of 2 x 4. Adding "wild hair" to the mix is not going to save this sorry excuse of a show.

Luckily, I'm nearly through the Space: 1999 MegaSet and will soon start working my way through Outer Limits, B5 and StarGate SG1 on DVD. Another season of "prime time" will no doubt pass me by!

Posted by: Fred Kiesche at September 16, 2003 08:15 AM