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August 20, 2003

Darth Vader

James Earl Jones reveals a major spoiler about the next "Star Wars" film in the second paragraph of this article. Otherwise, fans are safe. Whatever James Earl Jones has to say, it is a safe bet David Prowse will not be reprising his role. Prowse's acting prowess failed to convince Lucas to keep that Bristol accent in favour of James Earl Jones' stentorian tones or to use Prowse' face when Vader's mask is removed at the end of Episode III. Prowse has made a career of being annoyed about it ever since.

EI: What did George Lucas say when you confronted him about this?

DP: Oh, some mumbo-jumbo about "this isn’t the death of Darth Vader, it’s the ‘revealing’ of Anakin." It was all about the money.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at August 20, 2003 09:59 AM


[engage geek mode]

technically, the revealing of Anakin happened in Episode VI. Episode III will probably have a "masking of Anakin" scene.

[disengaging geek mode, with a big hammer to the skull.]

Honestly, Prowse should just shut up and continue fleecing the attendees at Sci-Fi conventions...

I'd love a gig like that.

Posted by: Ray at August 20, 2003 11:06 AM