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August 15, 2003

Peace, order and good government

Truth, justice and the American way has a stirring ring to it. Canada's new-ish constitution celebrates the virtues of peace, order and good government. These were all in effect this afternoon as I crossed Bloor on my way to find a friend and her daughter (all was well). An irate driver got out of his car and started toward an officer directing traffic. The officer explained to the driver that if he was hit by a car it would be his own fault. The driver ignored the officer and continued walking into the path of on-coming cars at which point the officer explained further, "Get back in your f***ing car and sit down." I have never heard a Toronto police-officer use this sort of plain-speaking. It was well-judged. The driver did as he was told and civilization continued.

I cannot speak highly enough for Toronto's police in the middle of all this. We cannot thank them enough.

Meanwhile, a couple city blocks north at Bathurst and Duport a citizen stepped into the breach and directed traffic in the absence of the law. He was wearing clown pants and an umbrella hat and everybody obeyed his instructions. Now that is peace, order and good government.

And then... Toronto's police-chief is holding a press-conference as I type this (12:05 a.m.). He reports minor traffic injuries but otherwise claims order has been maintained. He is repeating the Premier's request for non-essential workers to remain home tomorrow.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at August 15, 2003 12:00 AM