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August 12, 2003

Gay day at Disney worries some

FrontPage runs a story about a Christian Action Network protest concerned at an annual "orgy of depravity" at Disney World. FrontPage is not on my usual reading list so I do not know how common it is for an article to run with this sort of editorial warning:

(Editor's Note: This story contains hyperlinks to portions of the videotape compiled by the Christian Action Network, which some readers might find objectionable. The clips require Real One Media Player for them to be viewed.)

My first reaction was to wonder why FrontPage would link to video material with such egregious bias it might cause offense. I realized belatedly the magazine was concerned its readers could be offended by the activity purportedly documented by the video...

Nipple-twisting, publicly simulated sex-acts and so forth were promised and I can see why this sort of thing would be frowned apart at a kid's theme park. A look at the video-clip itself shows a crowd of pumped-up "circuit boys" partying at an Orlando hotel. Now, if the Flea was off to Disney World and had booked a room at a hotel with non-stop techno I would demand my money back and change hotels. But this would apply equally to a motel occupied by spring break college kids or rowdy, nipple-twisting Shriners.

The documentary is still worth a look for its stilted, Simpsons-parody feel complete with voice-over by Troy McLure. My favourite? The funky Yahama portasound backing-track. It is not clear from the footage that the dancing throng is anywhere near Disney World and, given the hyper-surveillance I remember from my Disney visits, I find it hard to believe the park would tolerate nipple-twisting and drug use on the premises. Far more likely is the unedifying spectacle of gay couples wearing matching Bermuda shorts and sensible shoes standing in line for the rides with everybody else. It strikes me that it is this sort of resolutely un-hip social pursuit which worries the voyeurs of the Christian Action Network.

And then... Googling reveals a Gay Day 2004 website. Here is the circuit party at Pleasure Island which worried the Christian Action Network. It certainly worries me as I look down and see too much Flea and not enough six-pack abs. Vexed again! Here are some of those all too worrying Bermuda Shorts.

And then... Yet more Googling reveals Disney's hyper-surveillance caught some perverts filming people from the bushes and threatened to have them arrested.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at August 12, 2003 10:23 AM