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February 02, 2003

CBC discussion forum

The CBC has set up a discussion forum around the Columbia disaster (via Daimnation). It is curious there are techies at the CBC with time to set up such a forum but nobody at the office of the ombudsman to answer my mail. Let us assume this is down to who gets to have weekends and who has to work through.

Follow the "shout outs" on Damian Penny's post and you will find viewer comments on CBC coverage from later in the afternoon to the effect that a former Israeli fighter-pilot was an inappropriate astronaut. My fellow Canadian Peter Jennings - presumably as part of ABC coverage - apparently claimed that Colonel Ilan Ramon was one of the pilots who participated in the destruction of Iraq's French-supplied nuclear reactor at Osirak. I did not see these later approaches to the events of the day but they would answer my question as to how long it would take before the Israeli astronaut would some how be held to blame by those wishing to impose a specific political interpretation on the disaster.

Please note I have not posted the name of the CBC anchor who asked the question regarding U.S. "arrogance" this morning. From what I could see of Newsworld coverage later in the morning the line of questions posed in interviews seemed increasingly sober and thoughtful. It is possible the Sawyer interview was the exception (though those Daimnation comments would suggest otherwise). I am waiting for a response from the CBC in the form of a transcript of the interview in question and an apology. I want to thank everyone who expressed their concern to the CBC. Without your letters I believe it is not likely a transcript or explanation - let alone an apology - would be be forthcoming.

Furthermore... I notice that while the CBC disclaims responsibility for individual postings (noted at the bottom of the page) they also assert ownership of everything posted.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at February 2, 2003 12:41 PM