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February 01, 2003

I have requested a transcript

I have requested a transcript of the CBC Newsworld interview with writer Robert Sawyer. I do not expect to hear from the CBC before Monday at the earliest given the office of the ombudsman is not open on the weekend. While I cannot provide a verbatim account of the question posed by the CBC interviewer without a transcript I stand by my interpretation of the exchange. "Arrogance" was the specific word used by the interviewer to suggest a possible cause of the disaster. The interviewer explicitly linked what is presumably an entirely apolitical technical catastrophe to "fear and tension" in light of current events with the clear implication such "fear and tension" may have lead to incaution in deciding to allow a risky flight to go forward.

Once again, Robert Sawyer specifically denied the suggestion "arrogance" played a role in what is almost certainly an awful accident.

Furthermore... my earlier remarks describing the question in terms of hate was an emotional reaction. Even so, I regard the question as hateful. While I do not believe the remark reflected a calculated position of the interviewer or the CBC it was a telling response to the tragedy. Why is "arrogrance" at issue? What world does the CBC inhabit where happenstance or tragic accident are always already made sense of through the lens of political calculation? I find the off-hand nature of the question - later repeated in a following interview - almost worse than an editorial position I could link to. Without a copy of the Newsworld transcript that question can go unapposed and unquestioned and leave the CBC unaccountable.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at February 1, 2003 01:50 PM