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January 12, 2003


Pamphleteering might be a good metaphor for second-wave bloggers. The term was suggested to me by the chair of my department this morning before I had enough coffee in my system to appreciate it properly. Dan Bricklin works through the metaphor in a comparison of contemporary personal websites and pamphleteering in the American Revolution. The polemical style and political content of many blogs - particularly those addressing issues of globalization or terror since 9/11 - seem a neat fit. I would hesitate to suggest that blogging was just pamphleteering, however, as this communication revolution lets pamphlets travel much further afield much more quickly. There is also the persistance of those first-wave techies and green bloggers to consider... Bricklin concludes with several caveats offered by a co-worker: pamphlets had large print-runs compared to the average blog whose redundancy is limited to one server; paper has a track-record of durability which is impressive compared to electronic data, and; paper is relatively "autonomous" in comparison to the tech needed to access a weblog.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 12, 2003 10:47 PM