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July 22, 2003

July 1973

The Flea's education is always advanced by these little blogging projects and Jane Seymour Week at the Flea™ is no exception.


Take the July 1973 issue of Playboy, for example. I realize this is risque stuff for the Flea but the interests of ethnographic and historical thoroughness compel me to discuss this aspect of the Jane Seymour Bond Girl experience. The sheltered and bookish existence of a Flea is such that I might never have known of the connection between that saucy '60s emblem of the "sexual revolution" and the Bond franchise. It is only in retrospect that Bond's playboy philosophy suggests an obvious complementary relationship:

The first Ian Fleming short story, in which the writer introduced Playboy readers to his character James Bond, appeared in the March 1960 issue. Playboy later serialized a new Bond adventure annually, and the magazine has published ten Bond-related pictorials.

A surprising number of celebrities have graced this most venerable of men's magazines (who knew?) not a few of whom appeared in Bond-related special issues. Neither Jane Seymour's Bond Girl debut nor her July 1973 Playboy appearance have hampered her ability to take more serious roles as her career developed. But tomorrow's installment features a most unserious role almost as formative to the life and thought of a Flea as Seymour's Solitaire...

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 22, 2003 12:01 PM


Hmmmm, I think that I still prefer the first one... Then again, her hair is quite entrancing here...

Posted by: Paul Jané at July 22, 2003 09:41 PM

Paul... Paul... this is about the art! A historical and personal reflection! (And tomorrow's hairstyle is also impressive.)

Posted by: Nicholas Packwood at July 22, 2003 09:51 PM

Oh, right, like those art films... I await tomorrow's artistic offering with bated breath... ;-)

Posted by: Paul Jané at July 22, 2003 10:46 PM