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January 06, 2003

Exciting and 'Nu'

"...EXCITING AND 'NU' ... ...'s 'Ghost of a Flea' blog has 8th century Anglo-Saxons, The Ark of the Covenant, Aztecs, ancient poetry from Alexandrian Egypt and the Love Boat theme."

True... but the Bitchin' Monaro experience has Australian news and politics, a Nirvana midi and Anna Kournikova. The Flea has to get up early to come close to that. Somehow ancient locker scenes don't have the same "I do not know what" as Ms. Kournikova. Use your imagination? If that does not work, resign yourself to fantasies of owning your VERY OWN HOBBIT HOLE.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 6, 2003 06:10 PM