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July 14, 2003

More Re: Battlestar

Flea readers requested... nay... demanded an answer to a haunting question regarding Sci Fi Channel's forthcoming Battlestar Galactica mini-series: who could replace Lorne Greene's portrayal of Commander Adama? Who has the authority, the sheer gravitas, to step into his shoes?

The name Edward James Olmos is obvious in retrospect. iMagnifico! This actor, director and community activist commands credibility amongst fans which could only come from classics such as Blade Runner and Miami Vice. Miami Vice, oh yes.

ReBattlestar is inspired by the original series but is not a remake. Producers cannot be happy with the new Commander's assessment:

"I know the Sci Fi wants to say that everyone's going to like it," Olmos said. But in the case of longtime fans, "They're not."

And then... More ReBattlestar goodness can be found at this earlier Flea report.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 14, 2003 09:48 AM


Thanks, Nick. Not long ago, I had the feeling that Richard Hatch was trying to get a new film produced, while the show's original producers were also working on something. Not sure if you'd know, but is this effort related to the original in terms of production; is Hatch involved at all? If not, is his project still in the works?

Posted by: Mike Campbell at July 14, 2003 12:32 PM

No, Hatch isn't involved in this one.

He was trying to get financing but nothing has happened since then (I could be wrong!)

He put together a trailer that was supposedly quite eye-catching and it was more of a "next-generation" theme: ie. they weren't re-making Galactica, they were continuing the story from decades after...

Hopefully he gets a chance to make his version.

Posted by: Ray at July 14, 2003 02:02 PM

To think I hesitated to enable comments... Wow! Battlestar:TNG would be too good to be true.

Posted by: Nicholas Packwood at July 14, 2003 05:19 PM

Starbuck and Boomer are now chicks. Naturally the writers are gonna have the new Apollo and Starbuck get it on. The entire story line is different and Adama occasionally screams at Crockett and Tubbs by accident. The homely chick from Dances with Wolves is the new feminine side. Its gonna suck. hard.

Posted by: Dennis P. at July 14, 2003 08:27 PM

Sounds like a lot of fun to me. :-)

Posted by: Dean Esmay at July 15, 2003 05:45 AM

Olmos is a dirty word in our office. A few years back, he talked to school kids in Salinas, one of which was a coworkers son -- he was 7 or 8. He said a few words in English, then switched to Spanish and started on an anti Anglo screed. The teachers who spoke Spanish started moving kids out of the venue once they realized what he was saying.

Posted by: Ith at July 16, 2003 02:17 PM