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July 08, 2003


Sky News gossip-marm Neil Sean claimed a scoop vis a vis the casting of a forthcoming Captain America for the big screen. Brad Pitt had reportedly signed for the part: "I wanted to make an all-out family movie - something that all ages can go to."

And... wait for it... "And as a child it was my favourite comic."


An astonishing coincidence. We are meant to believe Ben Affleck claimed he would never wear a superhero outfit unless it was for his favourite: the Daredevil. Providence is not always kind, however, and it turns out Sky News had jumped the gun. Ain't It Cool News reports outstanding rights issues which render any forthcoming Captain America film purely hypothetical. Too bad. We could use a hero like Captain America in this time of war. But there is no dotted line to sign hence Brad Pitt has not signed it.

HOWEVER - how on earth they'd pull off the Captain America physique on Brad Pitt without filming the origin story 2 years prior to the main body of production, which would require astonishing weight and mass gain and complete body form type change.... or do the CG or Make Up route...

No more rubber nipples, please. The Flea shares Ain't It Cool News' scepticism about this casting choice. Brad Pitt is prettier than his wife and would have difficulty pulling off the man's man persona needed for the role. This is important given the need to counter-act a lamentable television rendition and Marvel's new idiotarian version of the character. Captain America has to kick ass and take names (even if Wolverine would hand his ass to him in a hat). Bruce Boxleitner would have been a great choice ten years ago. How about Mark Wahlberg? He is plain spoken, has the right build, is not prettier than Jennifer Aniston and has the advantage of not being Matt Damon or George Clooney. Throw in Ed Harris as Nick Fury while we're at it.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 8, 2003 11:06 AM