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July 08, 2003

Paul's Blog Watch

Yesterday being July 7, your Friendly Neighbourhood Flea checked for new entries at Paul's Blog only to be disappointed. No new entries since June 23 makes a dull blog. Hope springs eternal at Flea Mansions, however, and so I checked once again for writing from our Prime Minister in waiting. Et voila! July 1 and 2 now merit a mention. July 1 was Canada Day:

This evening, I served spaghetti alongside members of the Italian community. (Mmm.)

The Flea could not agree more. Italians are yummy. And for July 2:

Along with most other Canadians, I jumped to my feet this morning when I heard that Vancouver would host the 2010 winter Olympics. On Tuesday we celebrated our 136th birthday. And today we had our second Canada Day in a row.

Yes, most other Canadians. I have met some of them. But Vancouver bores and irritates me almost as much as the Olympics so the Flea could hardly share in the rejoicing. I could not, however, have managed Paul's Blog's robotic display of enthusiasm had I tried. Paul Martin's erstaz-blog is a remarkable document in that it sums up much of what is wrong with politics in Canada and, I suppose, many other places in the world. This man is going to be our next Prime Minister and appears incapable of expressing convincing, authentic emotion about anything. I am baffled at his farce of a weblog and cannot imagine an audience for it beyond the half-hearted fiskers of Canada. A final note to whoever is writing Paul's Blog: permalinks please.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 8, 2003 10:31 AM


Is it because any kind of passionate conviction has to be sifted through the "filterers" so as not to offend any particular group or sub-group of voters?

A successful politician is covered in teflon, moving from issue to issue without actually being pinned down on a position so that when they change their position later they're not confronted with "Liar!" later.

This kind of activity seems counter to good blogging in which you have to stick your neck out and stake a position in order to make it interesting for your reader.

When you originally linked to "Paul's blog" I checked it out and was so bored by the content: it read like so many other political pamphlets/advertisements...

PS. Gary Hart's blog is exactly the same by the way.


Posted by: Ray at July 8, 2003 01:15 PM