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July 04, 2003

Paul's Blog watch vs Tom Watson

Canada's next Prime Minister may be blogger but he... how to put this... lacks commitment. Paul's Blog has not been updated in over a week missing, for example, Canada Day. The Flea is confident we will learn all about Paul Martin's celebration of Canada's birthday with family and friends just as soon as whoever writes his blog notices referrals from this latest well snide Flea-post.

Tom Watson, Labour MP for West Bromwich East... now there is a blogger. He even has a Teens! section:

Nobody ever seems to do anything for The Kids! All the decisions are made by suits, man. That's so lame!!! We know you think of yourselves as responsible citizens, but what you wanna do is turn that thought into an action, dudes.

Get involved - to the extreme!

The BBC politics for kids/teens site is, like, totally wacked! Ditto for the Parliament education site, which even has a section for younger yoof. Fanta-stick!

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 4, 2003 08:08 AM