June 30, 2012

Dean Peterson - New York City Subway Stairs

"One of the stairs at my subway station is just a LITTLE bit higher than the others, causing nearly everybody to trip on it. I made a little video about it."

Because this was bothering me as I watched it: From the comments.

"that's obviously why they immediately shut down the staircase after this video went viral.. they didn't want to get sued. I'm guessing they closed it so they can fix the issue.."
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Atari's 40th anniversary

Forty years ago, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney founded Atari (I can't believe I missed this on Wednesday...).

“We were going to build a driving game,” Bushnell said in a 1983 Playboy interview. “But I thought it was too big a step for him to go from not knowing what a video game was to that. So I defined the simplest game I could think of, which was a tennis game, and told him how to build it. I thought it was going to be a throwaway, but when he got it up and running, it turned out to be a hell of a lot of fun.”
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Stolen Honor

In other SCROTUS news, Americans can now rest assured it is their constitutional right to lie about their weight and age on a dating site. Silly me, thinking the Stolen Valor Act was directed toward people falsely claiming a qualification.

The good news: If I move to the States, my free speech rights now include telling people I am, say, a dentist.

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Mila Kunis on WoW

It hurtses us!

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Philip Glass - The Kiss

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June 29, 2012

Daenerys Targaryen: Wrong For Dragons, Wrong For The Realm

Paid for by the Committee to Protect Dragons.

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All DJs do is press 'play'

Deadmau5 states the obvious, spurs controversy.

"People assume there's a guy on a laptop up there producing new original tracks on the fly," he wrote. "None of the 'top DJ’s in the world' to my knowledge have. Myself included."
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Pottery from Xianrendong Cave

Chinese and American scientists push the emergence of pottery back to the last ice Age and prior to the emergence of agriculture.

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Jane Birkin - Paris Paris (version longue)

NSFW, Jane Birkin.

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June 28, 2012

Bertolt Brecht's Baal (1982)

Utter, unwatchable crap but featuring the correct pronunciation of "Bowie".

The problem: "The outcast, the disillusioned tough becomes the hero; he may be criminal, he may be semi-human," argues John Willett, "but in plays like Baal he can be romanticized into an inverted idealist, blindly striking out at the society in which he lives."

Baal was the first full-length play written by the German modernist playwright Bertolt Brecht. It concerns a wastrel youth who becomes involved in several sexual affairs and at least one murder. It was written in 1918, when Brecht was a 20-year-old student at Munich University, in response to the expressionist drama The Loner (Der Einsame) by the soon-to-become-Nazi dramatist Hanns Johst.

The hero of the piece abandons his pregnant girlfriend, murders his friend and dies without purpose, alone, having wasted his life. Consider that this was the Left's response to nascent Nazi art and understand why Germany was Germany in the 1920s.

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"One Apple employee (who I can't name as the company does not allow employees to speak on the record without approval from media relations) said that in the future, your phone will show drop shadows based on the actual position of the light in the room, as detected by the phone's ambient sensor - and everything in the UI will be rendered in 3D on the fly."

Conceptually related: A skeuomorph (Greek: skeuos—vessel or tool, morphe—shape), is a derivative object that retains ornamental design cues to a structure that was necessary in the original.

Blue jeans have authentic-looking brass rivet caps covering the functional steel rivet beneath; digital cameras play a recorded audio clip of a conventional SLR camera mirror slap and shutter click. Such ornamentation is not necessarily non-functional: the camera shutter sound is used to indicate to subject and photographer when the taking of the picture is complete. However, the function could also be provided with a different sound or feature, yet very rarely is.
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Muse - Survival

"With it’s soaring themes and appropriate lyrics about winning, it’s sure to inspire the English athletes to even more bronze medals than usual."

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June 27, 2012


Reg Mead and Richard Miles have unearthed the largest hoard of Celtic coins ever found.

Each one of the 30,000–50,000 coins is estimated to be worth around £200 each, putting the value of the haul at up to £10milion.
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Paging Sheldon Cooper to the courtesy phone

"An archaeologist, a geologist, an animal biologist, and two physicists critique the methodology and professional practice of the fictional scientists aboard the Prometheus."

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Nicolas Jaar - With Just One Glance You

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June 26, 2012

Red Nightmare (1962)

Red Nightmare is the best known title of Armed Forces Information Film (AFIF) 120, Freedom and You.

A man takes his American freedoms for granted, until he wakes up one morning to find out that the United States Government has been replaced with a Communist system. The basis for this short film, narrated by Jack Webb, is the alleged Soviet re-creation of US communities for the purpose of training infiltrators, spies, and moles.
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Three thousand points of demolition

"The Swiss military has, in effect, wired the entire country to blow in the event of foreign invasion."

To keep enemy armies out, bridges will be dynamited and, whenever possible, deliberately collapsed onto other roads and bridges below; hills have been weaponized to be activated as valley-sweeping artificial landslides; mountain tunnels will be sealed from within to act as nuclear-proof air raid shelters; and much more.
It's a strange kind of national infrastructure, one that is at its most rigorously functional—one that truly fulfills its promises—when in a state of cascading self-imposed collapse.

Related: "A national redoubt is a general term for an area to which the (remnant) forces of a nation can be withdrawn if the main battle has been lost—or even beforehand if defeat is considered inevitable. Typically a region is chosen with a geography favouring defence, such as a mountainous area or a peninsula, in order to function as a final hold-out to preserve national independence for the duration of the conflict."

Also: "Spiritual defence (‘Geistige Landesverteidigung’ ger; 'Défense [nationale] spirituelle' fr) was a political-cultural movement in Switzerland which was active from circa 1932 into the 1960s. It was supported by the Swiss authorities, certain institutions, scholars, the press and intellectuals. Its aim was the strengthening of values and customs perceived to be ‘Swiss’ and thus create a defence against totalitarian ideologies."

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Texas German (German: Texasdeutsch) is a dialect of the German language that is spoken by descendants of German immigrants who settled in the Texas Hill Country region in the mid-19th century.

Related: Texas Wurstfest.

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Zola Jesus - Vessel

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June 25, 2012

Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror

Dare mighty things.

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The Remains of the Crannogmen

Archaeologists have unearthed the foundation of what appears to have been a massive, ancient structure, possibly a bridge leading to an artificial island, in what is now southeast Wales.

"One other thing that is striking, that might be relevant, is that the timbers seem to be lined up with the middle of the lake," Clarke noted, suggesting that the structures may have been part of a causeway to a crannog, or artificial island, constructed in the middle of the lake. "Even so, if it is a path to a crannog, it's huge."
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Oh, we got both kinds. We got country *and* western.

Never before seen Blues Brothers photographs by Norman Seeff.

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Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Lobby

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June 24, 2012

Sword & Laser - George R.R. Martin interview

Much better than the boilerplate interviews for HBO's marketing. Though I find it difficult to believe he is surprised women are attracted to Jaime Lannister and the Hound. Or, for that matter, Theon Greyjoy (there's a fixer-upper). Possibly, he doesn't get out much.

Take away terminology: Boba Fett Syndrome.

Also featuring: Henry Jacobi.

Related: Eight floppy drives play the Game of Thrones theme.

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Neat and plain, set in gold

Jane Austen's ring, kept in the family for 200 years, is up for auction. The £30,000 estimate sounds low.

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My students were trying to figure out how to implement binaural sound in a video game; the trouble being that, due to the way binaural sound is recorded, your character's viewpoint would have to be fixed. Not great for most game play.

But if you were to make the game for iPhone and take advantage of the accelerometer...

“Meltdown” applies that idea to gameplay, mixing together ambient sounds from the environment with cues that tell you where monsters lie. Invading “creeptures” from another dimension reveal themselves sonically, and it’s up to you to zap them. You wander around your environment, armed only with your trusty iPhone, listening for danger via headphones and stabbing invisible baddies with gestural kills. The game is the work of Abesh Thakur, Orfeas Boteas, Richard Robinson and Varun Nair at the University of Edinburgh.

Game play video at the link.

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Deaf Center - Limn

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June 23, 2012

I used to be defensive with Americans saying Canada uses Monopoly money

I give up.

Canada recently announced it's getting rid of the penny, and now the country's mint is planning another trailblazing move in the history of coins: A glow-in-the-dark quarter.
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Six thousand miles from Rome

Roman glass jewellery has been found in an ancient Japanese tomb.

Tests have revealed three glass beads discovered in the Fifth Century "Utsukushi" burial mound in Nagaoka, near Kyoto, were probably made some time between the first and the fourth century...
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Turing Google doodle

Google is celebrating Alan Turing's 100th birthday.

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14th - Take Me There

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June 22, 2012

Space 1999 - The Metamorph (1976)

The first episode of the second season. Rocking some serious Hammond organ in the soundtrack.

Original Air Date—4 September 1976

An Eagle is sent onto the surface of the planet Psychon, which has titanium, needed for repairs to the Alpha Base. It fails to return and is used by Psychon scientist Mentor as a bait with which to entice other members of the Alphan crew onto the planet. Mentor is building a computer but it will be fuelled by the living brains of humans, and he has his eye on those of the Alphan crew. Fortunately his daughter, the shape-shifting Maya, does not share her father's views and is on the side of the Alphans.
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Bow ties are cool

Doctor Who has prompted a surge in sales of bow ties (hat tip to Mr. Campbell).

Topman, whose shoppers ages' are the target audience for the TV programme, shows a range of 12 bow ties on its website. A spokeman for the store said: "Since the new Doctor Who aired we have seen a dramatic rise in bow tie sales, in the last month up sales have increased by 94%.
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Colour in movie posters since 1914.

... I mentioned how I felt that most movie posters these days were very blue and dark. She didn’t fully believe me and challenged me to prove it. I looked around, and found some people had done this with a few posters over the last few years, but I became curious about the longer-term trends and what they would show. So, as any engineer would do, I wrote some code!
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"Pulse is a first person survival game that takes place in an unseen world revealed only by sound. Download the game at www.teampixelpi.com. The game was developed by 5 game design students during a 3 month period at the Vancouver Film School Game Design program."

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Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Naono

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June 21, 2012

Anders Ramsell - Blade Runner: The Aquarelle Edition, Part 1 (2012)

"This animation is made of 3285 aquarelle paintings and form the very beginning of my paraphrase on the motion picture Blade Runner (1982) by Ridley Scott."

Tangential thoughtPulp Sci-Fi.

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Y Maen Camp

Trying to shift Y Garreg Orchest, the stone of strength.

An ancient 'stone of strength challenge' which made a comeback in a tiny Welsh village has defeated 15 men after they all failed to lift a 28-stone monument. The Y Maen Camp ('Feat Stone') challenge sees strongmen attempt to lift the mammoth stone to shoulder height in the Welsh village of Criccieth.

Not to be confused with Tros y Gareg, Crossing the Stone.

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Nerd School: The Races of Westeros

"George R.R. Martin not only created the world of Westeros, but he created a backstory which builds the foundations of the struggles amongst its peoples. Once one understands how their civilization developed then they can understand how their conflicts developed."

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Trentemoller vs. Massive attack - Miss You (Teardrop Mix)

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June 20, 2012

Another Day on the Beach (2011)

"Razor clam digging with Captain Milt Gudgell. Follow Milt as he takes you clam digging on the Long Beach Peninsula."

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Tallest, fastest

A Hunan-based construction company aims to build an 838-meter skyscraper and do it in just three months.

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Museum of Endangered Sounds

Brendan Chilcutt launched the Museum of Endangered Sounds as a way to preserve the sounds made famous by old technologies and electronics equipment.

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June 19, 2012

Niall Ferguson - The War of the World, Ep 1 The Clash of Empires

"Why, if life was improving so rapidly for so many people at the dawn of the 20th century, were the next hundred years full of brutal conflict? Ferguson (Colossus) has a relatively simple answer: ethnic unrest is prone to break out during periods of economic volatility—booms as well as busts. When they take place in or near areas of imperial decline or transition, the unrest is more likely to escalate into full-scale conflict. This compelling theory is applicable to the Armenian genocide in Turkey, the slaughter of the Tutsis in Rwanda or the "ethnic cleansing" perpetrated against Bosnians, but the overwhelming majority of Ferguson's analysis is devoted to the two world wars and the fate of the Jews in Germany and eastern Europe. His richly informed analysis overturns many basic assumptions. For example, he argues that England's appeasement of Hitler in 1938 didn't lead to WWII, but was a misinformed response to a war that had started as early as 1935."

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Tragedy has us under regard

"History teaches us that the tide can suddenly and inexplicably go out, and that things can lurch backwards into darkness and squalor and appalling violence."

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Koji Suzuki offers the worlds scariest toilet paper.

The product is made by Hayashi Paper Co., a firm in Shizuoka Prefecture with a staff of around 30. It is the brainchild of Hiroyuki Hayashi, president of Hayashi Paper, who contacted Suzuki and rolled out the idea. The popular author then agreed to write a short story for the roll.
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What matters is what works

This map of job losses in the United States tells you what is working and what isn't (more maps at the link).

Job losses in the United States.jpg

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The Mast - UpUpUp

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June 18, 2012

Playing God (2012)

Two words: Synthetic diesel.

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Hubris and Nemesis

"...here is the vital point that is missed in pretty well every re-telling of the myth of the Titanic: nobody really called the Titanic “unsinkable” until after the ship had sunk."

To substantiate this point, we must remember that the Titanic was in fact the second of three almost identical “sister” ships constructed by the White Star Line. The eldest was the Olympic, which preceded the Titanic into service on just the same route and with precisely the same safety features as her second-string sister. But the Olympic did not sink, and so was never dubbed “unsinkable.”
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V'Ger update

Voyager is approaching interstellar space.

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Heritage site

Terry Cooper has restored the Skywalker house.

The 'igloo' was built in the Tunisian desert where many of the scenes were shot near the remote village of Tataouine.

Layers of editing: A word from the comments regarding our betters in professional journalism.

I'd just like to correct the article, if I may, as it's about me... Firstly, the VILLAGE nearby in Tunisia IS spelt Tataouine. This village was the inspiration for naming the planet Tatooine. Secondly, all photos labelled as me, are NOT me, but they feature the campaign leader MARK DERMUL from Belgium. (Love the way they spelt my surname as 'Copper' btw!) Also, the most important thing, this was NOT all my own work. It was an International team effort of six people, funded entirely by over 2,500 Star Wars fans worldwide. And to Nick, Leeds - we had to paint it white to ensure it lasts longer than a couple of years. The weather and climate will 'weather' it soon enough. This is why the decision was made to leave it in a pristine condition. It is NOT being used as a toilet or chicken hut, by the way.

- Terry Cooper, Pontypridd, Wales, UK, 18/6/2012 11:33
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XXYYXX - About You

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June 17, 2012

Kwas chlebowy "Obolon"

Kvass is a fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread.

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Business Centre Domnikov

"It had been considered that getting on the Domnikov business centre in Moscow was impossible without a special permission. But it turned out that was pretty simple..."

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Troll Chair

"The Troll Chair by Lund & Paarmann look as though it would be very comfortable, and easy to curl up in with a good book. However, it is also kind of creepy-looking."

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"Plattenbau (plural Plattenbauten) is the German word for a building whose structure is constructed of large, prefabricated concrete slabs. The word is a compound of Platte (in this context: panel) and Bau (building)."

More than just a roof over your head: DDR Plattenbauten auf 16mm (1976). Teil 1. Teil 2.

Plattenbau-Revival: Once regarded as the ugliest houses in the world. A hipster invasion was inevitable.

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Harmonia - De Luxe (immer wieder)

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June 16, 2012

Krautrock - The Rebirth of Germany (2011)

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Occupy Comics

“Comics and punk have a lot in common, being transgressive art forms with under-appreciated potential for social influence,” blah blah blah word salad.

A response from the comments.

Ron G - There was a time when I thought the Guy Fawkes mask was charming. Now, I find it repulsive and disgusting. Why would that be? Same thing with the rainbow, actually. Flamers, ignite your BICs.

Cheezus_Crust - I agree. But we might as well face it, we're stuck with it. Its going to be part of the pseudo-intellectual edgy 'rebel' uniform for a looooong, excruciating time.
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Game of Thrones Life Size Replica Iron Throne

The Game of Thrones Iron Throne is unlike anything you've ever seen before. This custom chair is designed to mimic the seat of kings in the Seven Kingdoms. A snip at $30k!

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What it must feel like working with me

Oekrainse verslaggeefster vs. Oranje supporters!

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Paris Suit Yourself - I'll Let You Know

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June 15, 2012

History of China: The Roots of Madness (1967)

From the days before the transvaluation of all value.

China: The Roots of Madness is a 1967 Cold War era, made-for-TV documentary film produced by David L. Wolper, written by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Theodore H. White with production cost funded by a donation from John and Paige Curran. ... It won an Emmy Award in the documentary category.
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I am not too sure why smelling of elderberries is an insult

A French take on the British Olympian (hat tip to Mr. Campbell).

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Red Letter Media talks about Prometheus

And for the more considered Half in the Bag take.

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Mary - Take all

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June 14, 2012

US Department of Defense - The Reds launch their expected spring offensive

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How to kiss, 1940s-style

Stand close together, hold each other lightly and don’t sprawl all over a chair.

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Rage virus still untreatable

Canadian Department of National Defence funded research has provided longest treatment window so far resulting in full recovery from Ebola - a full day.

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Emika - Double Edge

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June 13, 2012

Internet sunglasses


"Essential for protecting yourself from the web's harsh, glaring irony."

Related problematic: "If I replaced your girlfriend with someone else, would you even notice?"

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Prometheus: an archaeological perspective

Sort of.

Cut to the Isle of Skye:

Archaeologist Noomi Rapace is excavating a crevice in a cave with a paintbrush. Shining a small torch into the crevice, she smiles, and tells her assistant to shout to Dr. Holloway, who is excavating a fair distance away down the hill. You can tell he’s an archaeologist, as opposed to another kind of doctor, because he is sieving soil. When his name is called, he instantly throws the sieve to the ground, and pounds up the hill to the cave. Because, as we all know, archaeology can be extraordinarily hard to catch.

Comprehensive spoilers/snark at the link.

I tried telling them, but would they listen? No.: Ridley Scott on God, aliens and his new ‘Blade Runner’ film.

And...: Ridley Scott describes a scene from the Blade Runner sequel.

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Raygun Gothic Rocket

The Raygun Gothic Rocket is an eccentric blend of art and engineering in the form of a 1920s science-fiction style rocket ship.

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Game of Thrones || SAIL

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June 12, 2012

Erich von Däniken - Chariots of the Gods (1970)

The immortal classic (and complete crap, in case it needs saying). The business about Cargo Cults is particularly interesting (and a better bet than Tenure Track).

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Lost cities, found

Ciudad Blanca: A team of scientists using advanced laser mapping have detailed a remote region of Honduras that may have revealed the legendary lost city of Ciudad Blanca, known as the 'White City' of gold.

Yupaha: Historian and architect Richard Thornton believes a 1,100-year-old archaeological site in the North Georgian mountains near Blairsville may be the fabled city of Yupaha, which Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto failed to find in 1540.

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Mountain lodge on Sognefjorden

"A swimming pool, spa, cinema and games room will be hidden in the rock beneath the main cluster of buildings at this Norwegian hunting lodge and hotel by London architects Haptic."

Also: London's top Brutalist buildings. I have always been pleased by the net curtains at the Brunswick Centre.

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Chaos Theory

A unified theory of Muppet types (hat tip to the Sister of the Flea).

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Sia - Numb

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June 11, 2012


"Aircraft with supplies and passengers arrive at the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station during ICEX 2011. Then members of the ICEX team go about daily operations while communicating with the command hut and a submarine. Later, the crew of the Seawolf-class attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) clears off the submarine's conning tower and observes members of the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station clearing ice from the submarine's hatch after it surfaced through the ice."

Also: A visit to an Arctic ice station.

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Abandoned missile bases

"Dimply-lit tunnels snake into the distance, metal steps echo with the sound of footsteps, and huge vertical drops plummet into the darkness – cavernous chambers where missiles intended to carry nuclear warheads would have once been housed."

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America's Navy - 100 Percent

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Alina Devecerski - Flytta på dej

Hat tip to Mr. Percifield.

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June 10, 2012

Superior Firepower: The Making of Aliens (2003)

"This feature-length documentary plus extras, made especially for the 2003 Aliens (1986) DVD release, is incredibly informative with all its interviews with both the cast and crew, as well as behind the scenes footage filmed during the making of the film."

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Prometheus considered

"We may well ask, echoing Yeats: what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards LV-223 to be born?"

All spoilers at the link.

From the comments: The planet is LV223...Leviticus 22:3

Say to them: 'For the generations to come, if any of your descendants is ceremonially unclean and yet comes near the sacred offerings that the Israelites consecrate to the LORD, that person must be cut off from my presence. I am the LORD.

More spoilers: At the Molehills of Blandness.

Lumberingly paced, surprise-free, far less intelligent than it thinks it is (or should be), it aspires to the transcendent awe of its seminal predecessor, wanting to be 2001: A Space Odyssey as envisioned by H. P. Lovecraft, but barely achieves the transcendent awfulness of Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce or Robert Jaffe’s Nightcrawlers.
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Doctor Who - The Daemons (1971)

The Dæmons is the fifth and final serial of the eighth season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in five weekly parts from 22 May to 19 June 1971.

Re Prometheus: "As a closing point, let me draw your attention to a very different strand of symbolism that runs through Prometheus: the British science fiction show Doctor Who. In the 1970s episode 'The Daemons', an ancient mound is opened up, leading to an encounter with a gigantic being who proves to be an alien responsible for having guided mankind's development, and who now views mankind as a failed experiment that must be destroyed. The Engineers are seen tootling on flutes, in exactly the same way that the second Doctor does. The Third Doctor had an companion whose name was Liz Shaw, the same name as the protagonist of Prometheus. As with anything else in the film, it could all be coincidental; but knowing Ridley Scott, it doesn't seem very likely. "

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Dan Deacon - Paddling Ghost

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June 09, 2012

The Dark Ages (2007)

Light on analysis but beautifully presented. Most important, perhaps, for underlining the importance of plague in the final fall of the Roman Empire and the subsequent, opportunistic conquest of the former heart of the Christian world.

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The Curtain Theatre

The remains of the 'wooden O' stage, where William Shakespeare's company first performed Henry V, and possibly Romeo And Juliet, have been unearthed in a gravelled yard in Shoreditch, east London.

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"There are lots of things 'great minds' got wrong about Generation X since they started writing and worrying about them. (I mean, us.)"

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CocoRosie - Gallows

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June 08, 2012

Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam is a documentary based around the beachcombers of Texel, one of the largest Frisian islands north of Holland.

Due to Texel's geographical position, tidal system and strong winds, an estimated two tons of Flotsam & Jetsam washes up on its beach each day. The film follows the lives of the beachcombers (or Jutters as they are known), exploring their relationships and history as extraordinary people in extraordinary situations.

I love the left shoes... Click through for full screen HD.

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Lemming development

Frédéric Filloux argues against today's governing certitude that all apps must be social (via Quotulatiousness).

Today's hype leaves no other option but making an application as "social" as possible. This being the certitude du jour, allow me to think differently. True, some apps are inherently social: when it comes to rating a product or a service, the "crowd factor" is critical. Beyond that, it should be a matter of personal choice – an antinomic notion to today's the "Social" diktat.
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When your turtles play the game of thrones

When George R.R. Martin was young, he would buy dime store turtles from Wooworths to keep as pets. His first fantasy series were stories featuring his turtles as knights, lords and kings.

... these particular turtles seemed to die very easily. I don’t think it was really a very good environment for them. Sometimes they would escape and you would find them under the refrigerator a month later, all dead. So my turtles kept dying, which was very distressing but it also made me think, ‘Why are they dying? Well, they are killing each other in sinister plots.’
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Peter Gabriel - The Family and the Fishing Net

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June 07, 2012

Ray Bradbury - Story of a Writer (1963)

R.I.P.: Ray Bradbury, 1920-2012.

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The Automatic - Monster

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June 06, 2012


"The Atlantic Ocean Road or the Atlantic Road (Norwegian: Atlanterhavsveien) is a 8.3-kilometer (5.2 mi) long section of County Road 64 which runs through an archipelago in Eide and Averøy in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. The fixed link passes by Hustadvika, an unsheltered part of the Norwegian Sea, connecting the island of Averøy with the mainland and Romsdalshalvøya peninsula"

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Big Bang theory

Indiana University theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski presents the case that own universe may exist inside a black hole.

This may sound strange, but it could actually be the best explanation of how the universe began, and what we observe today. It's a theory that has been explored over the past few decades by a small group of physicists including myself.
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Moon Express Inc

Moon Express Inc has acquired Next Giant Leap in its bid to be the first private company to land a spacecraft on the Moon.

The company plans to send its first robotic lander to the Moon in late 2014, to be launched atop of either SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket or other commercial launch vehicle.
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Mars One

A Dutch company aims to establish the first human settlement on Mars by 2023.

A habitable settlement will be waiting for the settlers when they land. The settlement will support them while they live and work on Mars the rest of their lives. Every two years after 2023 an additional crew will arrive, such that there is a real living, growing community on Mars.
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Iamamiwhoami - Goods

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June 05, 2012

Patrick Clair - Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

An infographic dissecting the nature and ramifications of Stuxnet, the first weapon made entirely out of code. This was produced for Australian TV program HungryBeast on Australia's ABC1.

Professional hazard: "Destroy" not "destory". Beautifully done... but always spell check your work.

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Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind

Armed extremists are targeting scientists and engineers.

A group calling itself the Olga Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation International Revolutionary Front has claimed responsibility for the non-fatal shooting of a nuclear-engineering executive on 7 May in Genoa, Italy. The same group sent a letter bomb to a Swiss pro-nuclear lobby group in 2011; attempted to bomb IBM’s nanotechnology laboratory in Switzerland in 2010; and has ties with a group responsible for at least four bomb attacks on nanotechnology facilities in Mexico. Security authorities say that such eco-anarchist groups are forging stronger links.

Jihad, Butlerian: (see also Great Revolt): [Frank] Herbert may have coined the name from 19th-century author Samuel Butler, who has the citizens of Erewhon enact a prohibition on machines newer than 270 years fearing that "it was the race of the intelligent machines and not the race of men which would be the next step in evolution."

Machine breaking: At one time, there were more British soldiers fighting the Luddites than Napoleon I on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Fresh blood

New cast and characters for Game of Thrones Season 3.

He deserves an Emmy: Jack Gleeson on the inspiration for Joffrey Baratheon.

Backstory: Robert’s Rebellion “The Trident and Beyond”.

Decorative: House wallpapers.

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Manhattanhenge 2012

"Twice a year–once between Bealtaine and Midsummer and once between Midsummer and Lughnasadh - the Sun Entity Grian beatifies the Isle of Manhattan for one divine minute."

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The Irrepressibles - In This Shirt (Röyksopp Remix)

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June 04, 2012

The Perfect Suit (2011)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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You just committed murder

What should you do now?

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The gospel according to Bruce Wayne.

Followers must vow to fight corruption and defend the truth, spend hours training and patrolling the streets while undergoing gruelling rites of passage, which include a batmitzfa and 'breaking of the back' ceremony.
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The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling

A film by Harmony Korine.

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June 03, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee: 60 years in video

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Richard Branson - Business is GREAT Britain

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Victoria Beckham - Fashion is GREAT Britain

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Paul Smith - This is GREAT Britain

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The Queens Jubilee Loyal Address Diamond Jubilee Parliament 2012

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Sir William Walton - Orb and Sceptre, Coronation March (1953)

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult conducting.

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June 02, 2012

Lego The Lord of the Rings

The teaser trailer.

Top comment: "I can't wait to see Lego-las in this."

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Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office

"The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office is the title of the official resident cat of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at 10 Downing Street. Only two cats, Humphrey and Larry, have been given the title officially..."

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Then they had a street party

HMS Diamond has launched a weekend of celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a 21 gun salute as she arrived at Portsmouth Naval Base. Video at the link.

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MOD Security Risks - Think before you Share

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The Jessie Rose Trip - No One Ever Told Me

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June 01, 2012

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard - Official Trailer

This is what video games look like now.

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The language of dreams

Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton hosts sketches of her work at her website.

Related thought:

"We read fantasy to find the colors again, I think. To taste strong spices and hear the songs the sirens sang. There is something old and true in fantasy that speaks to something deep within us, to the child who dreamt that one day he would hunt the forests of the night, and feast beneath the hollow hills, and find a love to last forever somewhere south of Oz and north of Shangri-La.

"They can keep their heaven. When I die, I'd sooner go to middle Earth.”

- George R.R. Martin

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Underworld - Live (1998-1999)

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