July 31, 2010

Chris Christie porn

It seems an unlikely concatenation but the comparison is entirely appropriate. It is more than a little disturbing how much I relate to this.

Via the Right Scoop, a lesson in how porn addiction develops. At first the tamer stuff, like Christie yelling at reporters, is enough to satisfy you. But soon it’s not. Soon you need something dirtier to get your thrills, like Christie yelling at unionized schoolteachers and then being tsk-tsked for it by Mika Brzezinski on “Morning Joe.” Before you know it, you’re staying up all night to download gonzo videos of him vetoing spending bills. Some of you know only too well what I mean, alas.

Alas. Sweet, sweet video at the link. Glenn Beck features.

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Insurgent politics, by Robin Hood

A step toward best practice.

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Peaches: I Feel Cream

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July 30, 2010

Virtually existing socialism

Ace sums up a form of brain damage incurred by the ruling class of the entire Western world; a profoundly maladaptive memeplex, if you will: "I think there is a type of person -- well-represented in the "Political Class" and in progressive politics -- that has learned, from college, that the Abstract is everything, that Real Smart People are always focused on the Abstract, on metaphors, on symbols."

...a few weeks ago I saw a guy at the riots in Toronto who complained that the police barricades were a symbol representing a division between the protesters and the G-20 representatives.

And I thought, "Gee, no, actually it's not a symbol of a division; it really is, in fact, a physical division." Because, see, you're rioting. (And not symbolically in riot, either.) You can tell it's a real-world division because now you can't get to the G-20 conference center and throw rock-metaphors through the window-symbols.
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The Guild: Game On

Via Quotulatiousness.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&brand=v5%5E544x306&from=sp&vid=8cb424dc-cbdb-40be-90c5-8fb450462d2f" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Music Video - "Game On"">Video: Season 4 - Music Video - "Game On"</a>

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Language, vocabulary, ideas, imagery -- everything succumbed to my one intense purpose of thinking & dreaming myself back into that world of periwigs & long s's which for some odd reason seemed to me the normal world.

Agent Bedhead sent this widget along. Depending on the snippet, it is this or Cory Doctorow for me.

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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Ghost of a flea: Mentat Emperor

Full scale version here; best with headphones unless you have decent reference monitors. The video is an edit of Umberto Scarpelli's sword and sandal epic, The Giant of Metropolis (1961). I needed something that said "vacation on Kaitain".

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July 29, 2010

Loyalty test

Michael Rubin asks if Turkey can give American defense secrets to Iran.

The truth is we don’t know. We’re on the verge of selling Turkey our most advanced fighter, and there has been little attention given to what the shift in Turkey’s foreign-policy orientation means when it comes to technology-sharing.

No, the truth is we are dependent on the goodwill of the "President" of the United States to defend the defense secrets of the United States.

It is the sort of thing Americans used to be able to take for granted two long years ago.

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Woven Hand: Outlaw Song

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July 28, 2010

Simple Minds: Belfast Child

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July 27, 2010

Gratuitous image of Katy Perry in PVC


We need traffic to fight the collaborators at Canadian Living and they tell me "sex sells". Fight the power!

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November Starts Now: Hillary Clinton Was Right

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The Batman Dreams of Hieronymus Machines

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Subway to Sally: Grabrede

I have no idea what this is about.

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July 26, 2010

The medium is the mass age

Nicholas always has good material at Quotulatiousness, please visit and thereby assuage my guilt (if only somewhat) for lifting this P.J. O'Rourke quote in its entirety.

Writing is a slow and a difficult process mentally. How you physically render the words onto a screen or a page doesn’t help you. I’ll give you this example. When words had to be carved into stone, with a chisel, you got the Ten Commandments. When the quill pen had been invented and you had to chase a goose around the yard and sharpen the pen and boil some ink and so on, you got Shakespeare. When the fountain pen came along, you got Henry James. When the typewriter came along, you got Jack Kerouac. And now that we have the computer, we have Facebook. Are you seeing a trend here?
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What would Kipling Say?

Mark E. Horning posts a timely pastiche to the comments at Jerry Pournelle's Current Chaos Manor.

And hist'ry repeats before us, as we struggle with the past in vain,
The lesson still stands before us, and Kipling he saw it plain.

The rest at the link.

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Jane Austen's Fight Club

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Persephone's Bees: Nice Day

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July 25, 2010

Restoring the time line

If I could go back in time it would be a toss up between killing Adolph Hitler and killing Lawrence of Arabia for all the incalculable damage both men did to civilization and humanity.

An 81-year-old hereditary peer has formed a close relationship with the Arabian princess at the centre of a sensational court case.

Sources close to Dominick Browne, also known as Lord Mereworth, say he has even received a marriage proposal from beautiful 28-year-old Sara Al Amoudi.

That said, I am forced to keep my snark in reserve. Even veiled, she is a hottie. Therein lies a big part of the problem.

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Next stop: The 1930s

The Russian Orthodox Church is set to train youth to "guard faith and country".

This sounds all too familiar.

On the surface, there is nothing surprising about the Orthodox church reaching out to young people. Many Christian denominations in Western countries have their own youth groups, and in 1991 the Russian church itself created the All-Russia Youth Orthodox Movement, an understaffed organization that works mainly with children and early teens.

What makes the new youth groups stand out is their planned promotion of a blend of religion, anti-Western philosophy, politics and patriotism — values that will be passed on by youth leaders like Batrakov, who is among 100 people who signed up for a two-month crash course on Orthodox youth leadership in Moscow that started in May. Church representatives said the number of such leaders might reach into the thousands.

Submission Earth: Now that NASA's primary mission is submission, Russia considers Chinese spaceships as a back up for Soyuz and Progress.

"I think Chinese spaceships would play an important role as a backup for the Russian vessels Soyuz and Progress in case of some unforeseen situations," Anatoli Perminov head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos,told RIA Novosti news agency.

After U.S. space shuttles cease their missions in 2011, Russia will remain the only country capable of delivering crews to the ISS.
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Or maybe it is still 1929.

With expensive accounting rules, an increased threat of litigation and hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for some firms, the once prestigious New York Stock Exchange and other American markets have become unattractive to Germany's biggest companies. Daimler and Deutsche Telekom have fled this year and the few remaining are likely to follow.
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Captain America Serial: The Purple Death - Chapter One

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Diablo Swing Orchestra: Ballrog Boogie

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July 24, 2010


Purple Avenger: The peasants are revolting.

The mood of the public is turning ugly against public officials who are being paid far more than they should. I'm betting Bell is just the start of a nationwide wave of revolt. The public entitled class that previously thought itself untouchable, is going to find out its very touchable when irate mobs get fired up and start demanding action.

If only Canadians cared enough about their democracy to become ever so slightly irate.

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Allen West on healing America

I was about to stand up when I remembered I was sitting at my desk. And I have the wrong passport (via Hot Air).

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Arguably the most heavily defended airspace on the planet

Using open source satellite imagery, IMINT & Analysis offers an impressive picture of Russian strategic air defense.

Russia is a vast nation, encompassing a sizeable portion of two continents. In terms of available open-source imagery coverage, many areas in Russia cannot be viewed in sufficient resolution to identify any SAM assets present.
The SAM systems which have been identified do, however, provide valuable insight into Russian SAM deployment strategies, allowing the overall SAM network to be analyzed even if all of the deployed assets cannot be located.

Many - many - maps and lively debate in the comments at the link.

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Comic Book Fans vs. Westboro Baptist Church

"What do we want?" "Gay sex!" "When do we want it?" "Now!"

Hat tip to Mr. Myrick.

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No Doubt: Bathwater

Shades of Kurt Weill.

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July 23, 2010

Notes on the World Cup

Theodore Dalrymple: The British and French teams reflected social problems back home.

Whether this is of any wider significance I cannot quite decide. After all, football is only a game: though the late Bill Shankly, manager of the Liverpool Football Club, once said that football wasn’t a matter of life and death ...

Punchline at the link.

Elsewhere among the ruins: Portsmouth officials descend into self-parody, ordereding all violence to be removed from a traditional Punch and Judy show.

There will be no scenes in which Mr Punch hits Judy, and the scene where he throws away the baby has been replaced by the child simply being put to bed.

But puppeteer Daniel Liversidge will be keeping Mr Punch's catchphrase: 'That's the way to do it.'

They are doing it wrong.

While I am in Dalrymple country: Take the time to compare Fr. Robert Crouse on faith and pharmaceuticals with Theodore Dalrymple's Romancing Opiates. Both contradict today's received wisdom (which is neither received nor wisdom).

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Dalriada: Téli ének

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July 22, 2010

Equivocation is the highest form of patriotism

WWTDD?: "The Captain America movie won’t be all American-y."

[Director Joe Johnston] “He’s a guy that wants to serve his country but he’s not a flag-waver. We’re reinterpretating sort of what the comic book version of Steve Rogers was.”

“…it’s also the idea that this is not about America so much as it is about the spirit of doing the right thing. It’s an international cast and an international story.”

Only Joss Whedan can save us now. No, snap, he wrote Captain Planet, didnt' he?

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The free and frank dicussion continues

"Though I chuckle, this is no laughing matter."

First, to say I am not entirely certain why I am linking this. Some combination of awe/incredulity at other people's priorities and an admiration for the speaker's cadence, yes. But mainly as an illustration of how people actually talk about the world - how people actually conceptualize the world and make decisions in the world - and how this bears no relationship to the self-imposed thought control practiced by the Establishment and its Myrmidons.

"Black women would appreciate your cooperation in this matter."

I don't have to agree with Atlanta Sistah, but she does not live in fear of a semantic planet. Respect.

Second, to bitterly complain she won't let people embed the video (Update: Ha! Now embedded. Thanks, Scott.).

Third, and I can't believe I am doing this: A reply. It has almost four times the page views.

Remember: Cook, bake and cut a bitch. It's all about priorities.

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Rogue Traders: Voodoo Child

Hat tip to Ben.

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July 21, 2010

The Liberal Express

Michael Ignatieff's "listening tour" had to make a pit stop for repairs.

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Howlin' Wolf: Smokestack Lightning

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July 20, 2010

The Game

WIth news of the mainstream popularity of gaming in Germany, Quotulatiousness comments on the life of gamers in the English-speaking world.

I once joked with a fellow gamer that it was a good thing that most gaming stores were in “bad” areas of town . . . because if someone recognized you there you could always say you were visiting the strip club or the porno magazine store (so much better than admitting you were a gamer). Protective coloration, so to speak.

Related somehow: Scientists have used a computer program to decipher a written language that is more than three thousand years old.

Ugaritic was last used around 1200 B.C. in western Syria and consists of dots on clay tablets. It was first discovered in 1920 but was not deciphered until 1932.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology told the program that the language was related to another known language, in this case Hebrew. The system is then able to make assumptions about the way different words are formed and whether they consist of a prefix and a suffix, for example.

Through repeated analysis, the program linked letters and words to map nearly all Ugaritic symbols to their Hebrew equivalents in a matter of hours.
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Iwrestledabearonce: Tastes Like Kevin Bacon

In case you are wondering what the hottest woman in the world looks like.

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July 19, 2010

I am an Englishman

"... from a BBC programme called NCS Manhunt, features a speech by a man called Laurence Bright, played by the excellent Marc Warren. It was originally aired on March 12, 2001, and the summary says: “It becomes clear that the crimes are racially motivated, and the team uncovers a secretive right-wing organisation bent on starting a race war.”

I'm an Englishman. I'm from Bermondsey, South-East London. My father was called George. He was also from Bermondsey. His father, another Bermondsey man, was called George too. And his father, my great-grandfather, is from the same place. He was called Edward.

These three generations of my family, were in the fish trade. I'm the first member of my family not to work at the market in Billingsgate. My great-grandfather had eleven brothers and sisters. I dont know exactly how many of his generation married or exactly how many children they produced. I've so far tracked over two-hundred of them.

Many still live in Bermondsey. Some are still in the fish trade.

There are seven called George, and five called Victoria. I stand here, in front of you, as a representative of all of them. And I ask in their name the great question put by our patron, Mr Powell. What do they know of England, who only England know? Or, what can my family, who come from England, who lived in England, who know only England, say of this, our country?

Mr Powell once spoke of the destruction of ancient Athens and the miraculous survival in the blackened ruins of that city of the sacred olive tree; the symbol of Greece, their country. And he also spoke of us, the English, at the heart of a vanished empire, seeming to find within ourselves that one of our own oak trees, the sap rising from our ancient roots, and he said perhaps, after all, we who have inhabited this island fortress for an unbroken thousand years, brought up, as he said, within the sound of English bird song under the English oak, in the English meadow, beneath the red cross of St. George, it is us who know most of England.

And I appreciated him for saying that, because it was as if he spoke for my family, who understand well their own country. Who understand even better their own capital, London town, as we used to call her. As we strolled in her parks, as we marveled at her palaces, as we did buisness in the city, went west for a dance, took a boat on the river. The pale ale and eel pie of old London. The London of my family for as many generations as I know. The London that will in less than fifteen years will be less than fifty percent white. London, where in fifteen years a white person will be in the minority.

Am I racist? No. Do I have anything against people of other races? No. So what then is my gripe?

My gripe, and I speak on behalf of seven men called George and five women called Victoiria, my gripe is quite simple.

My gripe is that we were never asked. My gripe is that we were told, not asked, and everyday we are told again and again how we are to be and how our country is to be. We are told by them, and we know who they are, they're English too. They are the class that has always set themselves apart, they are the class that has always taken what they wanted for themselves, and now they are the class that is giving England away.

They have never asked us, and they never will.

Do we allow them to sell our heritage? Or is it time for us to speak?

To speak, to refuse them the right to give away our holy, or bountiful, our only England that has, that has nurtured us, naked, grown us as the oak. Is it time for us that England know to come yet again and defend our country? With our fire, our fists?

Is it time for us sons to rise again?
I say yes.
I say yes.

I say... Yes.

"This time it will be different," they (always) say. Yes, because this time we should have known better.

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A nice new shopping mall opened today in Gaza

“On a day when (because EU Foreign Policy Chief Baroness Ashton is in Gaza) the BBC and other media have featured extensive reports all day long on what they term the dire economic situation in Gaza, why are they not mentioning the new shopping mall that opened there yesterday?"

Via Jonah Goldberg.

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Pat Condell: The Enemy Within

Via Vlad Tepes.

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Springtime in an English Village (1944)

Unseen for years due to the fragility of the materials, 'Springtime in an English Village' offers an extraordinary and unexpected snapshot of rural life in wartime. After a fairly predictable opening - farmers ploughing fields, cute baby animals gambolling - it finally gets down to business. The film is about that most ancient of English traditions: the selection and crowning of the Queen of the May. But what is so surprising is that 60 years ago the village of Stanion in Northamptonshire chose to honour a young black girl - apparently the daughter of an African merchant seaman who had been evacuated there during the War.
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The Fixx: Stand or Fall

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July 18, 2010

Prince: Sign O' The Times

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Steve Martin: King Tut (Live 1979)

Because life does not 100% suck. Thanks to Mr. Liddle.

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July 17, 2010


Unless something drastic is done, there are only two likely outcomes for Weimar Europe.

The under-30 unemployment rate in Spain has just hit 44 per cent, twice the adult rate. Italy also has passed the 40 per cent mark, and Greece has gone even further. If you count all the people who’ve given up looking, it means the number of people between 20 and 30 who have any form of employment in these countries is something like one in five.
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Imperial History of the Middle East

See five thousand years of history in 90 seconds. Sadly, no bunnies.

Who has controlled the Middle East over the course of history? Pretty much everyone. Egyptians, Turks, Jews, Romans, Arabs, Persians, Europeans...the list goes on. Who will control the Middle East today? That is a much bigger question.

I almost did not link this because of its treatment of the last hundred years or so. Judge for thyself.

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The Sadistic Adventures Of Captain Marvel

The first couple minutes are the most satisfying thing you will see all day. They won't let me embed the thing, damn them.

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Secret of the Incas (1954)

Fair warning: You will get sucked in to the whole film. Even if you have never seen it, I guarantee parts of it will look familiar.

Harry Steele (Charlton Heston) is the smart, two-fisted relic hunter who has found the secret hiding place of ancient Inca gold, high in the Peruvian Andes at fabled Machu Picchu, and is willing to use anyone or anything to get there; Dr. Stanley Moorehead (Robert Young) is the idealistic archeologist who wants to give the long-lost treasure back to the Peruvian people; Elena Atonescu (Nicole Maury) is the beautiful and seductive refugee they both fall for, and who will stop at nothing to stay out from behind the Iron Curtain; Kori-Tika (Yma Sumac) is the exotic Inca priestess, whose otherworldly singing is the only way to pacify the restless Peruvian natives; Ed Morgan (Thomas Mitchell) is the murderous thief, driven by a lifetime of greed, who is trying to steal the treasure for a last great score. Harry must race them all to find the treasure, using a secret of his own - only Harry knows the ancient ritual which will reveal the hidden gold in the tomb of the last Inca King, in a stunning scene that influenced the Well of Souls from "Raiders Of The Lost Ark".

Yma Sumac, FTMFW.

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Prokofiev: Scythian Suite - Invocation To Veles & Ala

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July 16, 2010

Richard Cheese: Closer

Blame Chris Myrick for the inspiration. And my mood on a Friday afternoon. This one goes with a shout out to Agent Bedhead. Not safe for work unless you are an executive director or are too corporate or whatever.

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The Master, FTW

Every Doctor Who villain since 1963.

Doctor Who has fought over 100 villains. Find out who they are - and which appeared most

There is a chart.

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TV On the Radio: Dirty Whirl

Hat tip to Ben.

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July 15, 2010

Malice In Wonderland: The Red Queen Theory

By Ed Watkins (Eat Me version at the link).

Sometimes, unexpected guests can very quickly become pests. But what happens when you ask them to leave? Join the Red Queen and Alice on live action, animated journey down the rabbit hole, as they are caught in an evolutionary arms war between parasite and host.
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Hot Sexy Spies - The REAL Anna Chapman Video

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Flotilla Incident Timeline

IDF Spokesperson's Unit: "The film, produced by the Eiland Team of Experts, breaks down the events of the flotilla using a timeline which alternates between 3D models and footage captured throughout the incident."

... 8 of the 9 demonstrators killed were members of the IHH or other allied groups. Around half of those killed had declared in front of their families their aspiration to die as martyrs ("shahids"). Footage on the Marmara shows that the violence had been prepared: metal poles and chains were prepared, slingshots, buzzsaws, gas masks, tear gas, bulletproof vests, knives, and more. A briefing had taken place before the IDF had boarded the ship, with the leader of the violent demonstrators telling the group to attack the IDF soldiers at any cost.
There were 718 total passengers of the flotilla ships. Most were released without undergoing any investigation. The last passenger left on June 6th.
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July 14, 2010

Krista Branch: I Am America

I had to balance polemics vs hotness with this one. 2 Chronicles 7:14 remains topical.

Related: It wasn’t all that long ago that country music was apolitical.

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July 13, 2010


BAE Systems has developed the perfect machine for destroying what remains of British civilization.

What's the over/under on this thing dropping its ordinance in the name of a) Skynet or b) the next Caliph?

Defence firm BAE Systems today officially unveiled its first ever high-tech unmanned stealth jet. The Taranis, named after the Celtic god of thunder, is about the same size as a Hawk jet and is equipped with stealth equipment and an 'autonomous' artificial intelligence system.

The plane will test the possibility of developing the first ever autonomous stealthy Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) that would ultimately be capable of precisely striking targets at long range, even in another continent.

Let us admit the remote possibility the Taranis will be operated by someone espousing old school Celtic values. If so, things could get spectacularly interesting.

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Moon-o-theism, Part IV: The Mooning is a Harsh Mistress

Charles S. Griffith offers a new plan for NASA and Muslims in outer space (via Vlad Tepes).

After carefully reviewing your new priority for NASA, to reach out to Muslims and make them feel good about “their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering”, which consisted mainly of ripping off Greek and Indian science, and passing it off as their own, we have developed a comprehensive plan for utilizing the talents and abilities of Muslims to further the goals of this nation’s goals space program, which you so articulately described as “That Outer Spacey Thing”.

I won't spoil the rest.

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Something wonderful is about to happen...

Via American Digest.

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Oksana Grigorieva: Beautiful Heartache

In solidarity with Grigorieva. The less said about the producer the better.

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July 12, 2010

Heterosexual Panic Defense

These are some tough lesbians but they could have used a more inventive lawyer.

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Even more topical than it was five years ago

"Well, I guess that genocide in Sudan must've worked itself out on its own."

Well, someone must've invaded or overthrown a corrupt government or something like that. I know it wasn't the U.S., though. I may not be all that up on current events, but I do follow the news enough to know when my own country attacks another country. Maybe it was one of those genocides that solves itself without substantive international intervention. Well, that's one less horrific reality of modern geopolitics hanging over our heads!
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Execution of General Anton Dostler

The good old days. And not a "human rights" lawyer in sight.

German Gen. Anton Dostler is tied to a stake before his execution by a firing squad in the Aversa stockade. The General was convicted and sentenced to death by an American military tribunal. Aversa, Italy. December 1, 1945. Blomgren.
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Kim Wilde: Shangri La

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July 11, 2010

Think of the restaurants

Camel's milk will be on a supermarket shelf near you soon.

It tastes salty, comes from an ill-tempered and malodorous animal and is unlikely to improve a bowl of cornflakes. But camel's milk could be the latest superfood to hit shop shelves as producers seek permission to sell it in Britain for the first time.

High in Vitamin C and low in fat it is also more digestible than cow's milk and suitable for the lactose-intolerant.


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Dear North Korea

It's not me, it's you.

What could be more terrifying than a North Korean nuke? Pyongyang Traffic Girls floating down from the sky.

"I think I need a cigarette!"

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I Blame Coco feat. Robyn: Caesar

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July 10, 2010

Declining Western fertility rates explained

And by declining I mean cratering.

Following the entangled love lives of Bella, Edward and Jacob - Eclipse sees the plot take an extra dramatic twist...but of course, we don't want to give it all away!
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Radar Men from the Moon (1952)

Basically Mad Men for geeks. Chapter 1: Moon Rocket!

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July 09, 2010

Almost time to find out if chess beats go

Three modified Ohio-class boomers equipped with up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles each have made a dramatic entrance.

That's why alarm bells would have sounded in Beijing on June 28 when the Tomahawk-laden 560-ft. U.S.S. Ohio popped up in the Philippines' Subic Bay. More alarms were likely sounded when the U.S.S. Michigan arrived in Pusan, South Korea, on the same day. And the Klaxons would have maxed out as the U.S.S. Florida surfaced, also on the same day, at the joint U.S.-British naval base on Diego Garcia, a flyspeck of an island in the Indian Ocean. In all, the Chinese military awoke to find as many as 462 new Tomahawks deployed by the U.S. in its neighborhood.

It isn't a lot of missiles compared to China's arsenal across from Taiwan but as martial theatre it is impressive nonetheless.

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1983 Islington Squatter Punk Documentary

"We're not queer, that's for sure!" Ahh, the left; our moral superiors.

A Peek into the lives of Islington Squatter punks of 1983, who spare change and charge 2 quid a photograph!

By 1986, we were charging ten bucks a photo in Vancouver. But then goth lacked the political niceties of punk.

Related: Now collecting for a bounty on punk era Kathy Shaidle photos!

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Dananananaykroyd: Whip It

Hat tip to Mr. Liddle.

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July 08, 2010

Death penalty for honour murders

The Times of India reports a good idea. The headline explains itself but wait there's more.

The Cabinet is also likely to consider amending the existing laws to provide for deterrent punishment to those who parade a woman naked in the streets of a village terming her as a witch. At present such crimes are punishable under Section 354 of IPC for outraging the modesty of a woman and attracts a modest punishment of two years imprisonment.

In related news: All cultures are equal!

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Stop presses: Civil Rights Commission does its job

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is to renew subpoenas and pursue a federal probe in the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

Former Justice attorney J. Christian Adams on Tuesday testified before the commission that his former employer not only abandoned the voter intimidation case for racial reasons, but had instructed attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims.

Commissioner Ashley Taylor said the panel will send out a letter as early as Wednesday calling for the Justice Department to open an investigation into the charge.

Video at the link. Ashley Taylor for Congress?

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Twilight: For Guys

It's like a female Shawshank Redemption directed by Michael Bay! Most probably nsfw, btw.

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July 07, 2010

Green wash

An "independent" enquiry has cleared British climate "scientists" of fraud.

Good news! Everyone's grants, awards, honours and sinecures are safe.

As the biggest investigation into the “climategate” e-mail scandal concluded on Wednesday afternoon, climate change sceptics in the blogosphere were quick to call the results of the inquiry a “whitewash”.

Most were unconvinced by the report that followed a the six-month review by a committee led by former civil servant Sir Muir Russell, which looked into the hundreds of e-mails hacked last year from the University of East Anglia.

Climate sceptics and bloggers had alleged that the e-mails showed climate scientists wrongfully manipulating data to change the outcome, concealing key data and attempting to subvert the process of peer review of scientific papers.

Sir Muir Russell is a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh which, purely coincidentally, endorses the IPCC. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of "green energy" producer ScottishPower. Oddly enough!

Peasants: Shut up!

Related: Hot weather in the summer and cold weather in the winter proves climate instability or something.

Canadians should expect more extreme weather like the current heat wave baking southern Ontario and Quebec in the future because of climate change, a leading climatology professor says.

"My strong opinion is that these kinds of extremes are something you would expect in a warming world, and expect to happen more frequently," Harry McCaughey, a professor of climatology at Queen's University, told CTV.ca.

Also related: Climatology is a scam.

Update The Register has more on the University of East Anglia's "independent" enquiry into the conduct of its own staff. It turns out they cannot even honestly represent the content of their own report. And why should they? Their brain-washed followers can now declare the "stolen" emails proved nothing.

Not that proof of anything was ever at issue for the cultists.

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Harlan Ellison speaks to college students


Related: Grammar Nazis. This is like watching me at work.

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James Brown: Funky Drummer

Some wicked organ tone.

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July 06, 2010

Homeless man rescues Old Glory

In the driving wind and rain. This chokes me up and I don't have an American passport. Not yet.

Thanks to Hot Air.

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White People Rapping About Rape

What could go wrong?

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Wonder Girls: 2 Different Tears

Considering a new career teaching English in South Korea. I will be gangsta.

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July 04, 2010

Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward


From Quantum praedecessores, Pope Eugene III's "Summons to A Crusade" of December 1, 1154.

We exhort therefore all of you in God, we ask and command, and, for the remission of sins enjoin: that those who are of God, and, above all, the greater men and the nobles do manfully gird themselves; and that you strive so to oppose the multitude of the infidels, who rejoice at the time in a victory gained over us, and so to defend the oriental church -freed from their tyranny by so great an outpouring of the blood of your fathers, as we have said, - and to snatch many thousands of your captive brothers from their hands,- that the dignity of the Christian name may be increased in your time, and that your valour which is praised throughout the whole world, may remain intact and unshaken.

If not now, when?

Happy birthday, America.

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Tuned to a dead channel

China reaches a developmental landmark: A generation of over-qualified, under-employed white collar workers.

Photo essay at the link.

The number of college graduates in China is growing far faster than the number of white-collar jobs in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Young people who thought higher education would lead to high-paying jobs and chic apartments are instead cramming by the tens-of-thousands into slums near the IT districts where they seek jobs in computing and programming. The new aspiring professionals are known as "ants" because of both their eagerness to work and a willingness to cram together in poor living conditions.

Also: More on the ant tribe at People's Daily Online.

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On the head of a pin

Elisabeth Rieper at the National University of Singapore suggests quantum entanglement holds DNA together.

Hence, quantum biology.

... Rieper and co imagine the helix without any effect from outside heat. "Clearly the chain of coupled harmonic oscillators is entangled at zero temperature," they say. They then go on to show that the entanglement can also exist at room temperature.

That's possible because phonons have a wavelength which is similar in size to a DNA helix and this allows standing waves to form, a phenomenon known as phonon trapping. When this happens, the phonons cannot easily escape. A similar kind of phonon trapping is known to cause problems in silicon structures of the same size.

Via Warren Ellis.

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Apocalyptica : One

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In joke

Flea-readers outside Google Ads' catchment area for Toronto will be edified to learn what has popped up in my sidebar.* I confess it may only be amusing to those of us in le tout rightosphere up north.**


* I make no endorsement for the advertised product or service; I am making an editorial observation.
** The answer is "yes", btw. But only if I get to be Chief of Police.

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Blow that Vuvuzela

Sometimes a Vuvuzela is just a lucky, lucky Vuvuzela.

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July 03, 2010

Religious Freedom Day

Is a great day to ban the Bible!

Maitland-based Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit Thursday to overturn a ban on Bible distribution on public school campuses in Collier County. According to the Liberty Counsel, the Collier County School Board allowed World Changers to distribute free Bibles to students during off-school hours on Religious Freedom Day, but now the school officials claim that Bibles do not provide any educational benefit to the students and the distribution should stop.
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A touch of the tar brush

The Union Jack has been rebranded in the hope of reflecting "a more modern society". By adding black.

Remember: When the Left says it, it isn't racist.

A campaign is being launched to modernise the red, white and blue flag by adding a touch of black to reflect multicultural Britain in the 21st Century.

The proposed new flag [at the link] is the work of Nigel Turner, an enthusiastic fan of the UK's transformation into a multiracial society over the past 50 years.

Note to the BBC: The United Kingdom has always been a multi-racial society. Even if we lump the Welsh, the Cornish, the Manx, the Scots and (some of) the Irish into a Celtic mass it is still the lot of them vs the English.*

The BBC still clearly believes there is a "white" race (which makes them not racist somehow).

* Yes, I know the Isle of Mann is not part of the United Kingdom. Just didn't want to leave anyone out. The Channel Islanders can fend for themselves.

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George Harrison: My Sweet Lord

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July 02, 2010

Neglect by peace officer

Joe Warmington makes an excellent point by way of a story about a Good Samaritan (hat tip to Five Feet of Fury).

A section of Criminal Code covers “neglect by peace officer,” stating “a peace officer who receives notice that there is a riot within his jurisdiction and, without reasonable excuse, fails to take all reasonable steps to suppress the riot is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.”

Not sure if it applies to a senior officer’s orders?

They used to shoot men for malingering. But then I am an old fashioned law and order type.

And another thing: Warmington points out we are unlikely to get much by way of an independent public inquiry.

Sadly the political power base is going to try to avoid an inquiry so the public may have to rely on mainstream media and bloggers to piece all of this together.

To anyone wondering how bloggers might play a role: The Jawa Report bags another bad guy.

We've heard from multiple sources today that Ohio Homeland Security multicultural relations director Omar Alomari has been fired as a result of our exclusive Jawa Report investigation into his extremist ties and lying on his resume (omitting he had been fired from a local college for sexual harassment of a student). We reported two weeks ago that he was under investigation.

They have another bad guy in their sights. At the link.

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It wouldn't be loverly

Hitler could not crush the spirit of the East End of London.

But the East End of London has been vanquished all the same.

Even Professor Henry Higgins — rarely lost for words — would be dumbfounded. New research shows that the cockney dialect he battled so hard to beat out of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady will disappear from London's streets within a generation.

As its traditional speakers emigrate to Essex and Hertfordshire, the 650-year-old accent is dying off in London., to be replaced by multicultural London English, heavily influenced by West Indian patois, Bangladeshi and remnants of old cockney.

No one consented to this.

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Basil Poledouris: Prologue / Anvil Of Crom

Music for Crusading.

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July 01, 2010

Bad news

Christopher Hitchens has esophegal cancer. Kathy Shaidle comments to good effect.

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Conan the Barbarian: The Musical

Conservatives have more fun, btw.

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