May 11, 2003

Caped-crusader of Tunbridge Wells

Mysterious caped-crusader of Tunbridge Wells is now revealed at B3TA. The story, featured in a number of major newspapers, was a hoax:

The whole point of local papers is to give that delicious "local angle" - which is a beautiful thing. Every week articles about how the local badger community will be affected by the Gulf war fill me with much glee. Tunbridge Wells is a lovely little area and the thought of a superhero dashing around to return shopping trolleys, change peoples' tyres and hand back purses was just so enticing an idea that it just had to be done.

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May 06, 2003

The names of British warships

The names of British warships were more inspired in the first half of the 20th-century writes Mike Campbell:

HMS Dreadnought; the QE class battleships HMS Warspite and HMS Valiant; the Revenge class battleships HMS Revenge and HMS Resolution; the Bellephoron class battleship HMS Superb; the Orion class battleships HMS Conqueror, HMS Monarch and HMS Thunderer; the KGV class battleship HMS Audacious; the Royal Sovereign "R" Class battleships HMS Repulse (and Revenge and Resolution); the Majestic class battleships HMS Magnificent, HMS Majestic, and HMS Victorious; HMS Renown; HMS Venerable; HMS Formidable, HMS Irresistable, and HMS Implacable; HMS Triumph.

Other British Royal Navy ship names: Active, Adamant, Ardent, Blazer, Brilliant, Defiance, Discovery, Excellent, Indefatigable, Invincible, Success, Terror, Venerable, and, of course, Victory.

I dunno ~ I think if I was the captain of an enemy ship and I heard the HMS Revenge or the HMS Terror was heading my way, there might have been some psychological warfare going on there.

The Flea's favourite: HMS Spanker.

Mike's post links to John Keegan's article which argues the British government must meet its commitment to build two large carriers. My family's relationship with the British Navy and my research with the prospective builders of the new carriers means my opinion on this subject is as biased as anything I will ever write in this blog. That said, this military planning decision is one of the most important for the future of world peace and order being made by any government. Britain must build these carriers. Keegan writes:

If Douglas Hurd's phrase about "punching above our weight" applies anywhere, it applies particularly to the jump-jet carriers. The ships are now, however, coming to the end of their operational lives. Their dedicated aircraft, the Sea Harriers, have exceeded it, since they are being withdrawn from service, to be replaced by ground-attack Harriers, which lack the ability to defend the mother ships in a fighter role.

The Government is committed to replacing the small carriers with two new large fleet carriers of 50,000 tons, each embarking at least 40 fixed-wing supersonic aircraft. Once delivered and in service, 10 years hence, the new carriers will restore to the Navy a power it has not possessed since the 1970s, when the last generation of large carriers reached the end of their lives.

It is, for sailors, an alluring prospect, promising the Royal Navy the status of the second most important sea force in the world - and likely to remain so for several decades.

And then... Here is an image of HMS Conqueror.


Original photos of her are for sale here (they are near the bottom of the page).

Update: This list of Royal Navy ship names should help looking to remember the name or double-check the spelling of the name of a particular ship.

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Soon. Consumption. Soon.

Soon. Consumption. Soon. It's a blog for Galactus (via Dave Does the Blog):

I purged the moon. Do not lecture me, I know it was wrong. I know, I know. You think I do not know? Go to Hell. No one is FORCING you to read my blog. If you were really my friends, you would not judge me.

No, I do not mean you, Uatu. You have been great.

Am going to make a present to myself, like Dr. Phil says. Am giving myself the night off. I am just going to sit here and veg. It is not like the world will end if I take the day off from eating worlds. Wait.

You know what I meant. Shut up! I am very vulnerable right now!

MUSIC: "Little Pink Houses" John Cougar Mellancamp

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Interview With the Vampire musical

Sir Elton John is to make a musical version of Interview With the Vampire. The show, expected to cost up to 10 million to produce, is due to open in New York in 2005:

The singer and his co-writer Bernie Taupin say it will be free of gothic excess. "It will be dark, sexy and scary, but that doesn't mean it has to be cliche," said Taupin.

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