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October 25, 2015

Golden Leaves, a tribute to Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot with Golden Leaves (October 23, 2015).jpg

"On a crisp autumn day with his hit The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald playing in the background, a humble Gordon Lightfoot reflected on his roots in Orillia, Ont., as a lakefront sculpture of the singer-songwriter was unveiled before hundreds of fans."

Timothy Schmalz, Golden Leaves (October 23, 2015).jpg

"The sculpture depicts Lightfoot as he would have appeared on the cover of the 1975 greatest-hits compilation, Gord's Gold. Lightfoot is seen sitting cross-legged, playing an acoustic guitar underneath a massive arch of maple leaves. The leaves feature scenes representing the songs on Gord's Gold, including Summer Side of Life, Carefree Highway and If You Could Read My Mind.

"The interpretive scenes were included so figurative artist Timothy Schmalz could craft a work of art that would create curiosity about Lightfoot and his work as the years wore on, rather than putting together a piece simply showing Lightfoot playing a guitar. He listened to the songs depicted on the leaves over and over again to get each one right. Sometimes the inspiration struck right away; other times, it changed frequently."

Christopher Bratty, of the Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation.jpg

"Thanks to Christopher Bratty of the Remington Group, Lightfoot will be part of Orillia, and this beautiful spot in the heart of Canada, forever."

Golden Leaves, press & the public.jpg

"Schmalz's work won universal praise at the ceremony; among others, Bratty called it 'magnificent.' But perhaps none of the accolades were as important as from the subject himself, who the sculptor called Canada's answer to William Shakespeare."

Timothy Schmalz - Golden Leaves, A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot.jpg

With thanks to two of Canada's greatest artists, Gordon Lightfoot and Timothy Schmalz, the generosity, hospitality and grace of the people of Orillia and Christopher Bratty and the Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation, and everyone at Jesson + Company Communications.

"Life is an increment of moments." - Sharyn Thomas-Counce
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