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June 27, 2010

Enemy maneuvres

John Thompson didn’t think the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty would sink so low as to try to disrupt the passage of Canadian war dead.

They did.

The arrival of our war dead at the Coroner’s office always begins with a 2:00 PM arrival at CFB Trenton, and the trip from the base to downtown Toronto almost invariably takes about two and half hours.

The Anarchists and Trots lunged out of Allen Gardens up on Carleton and made a fast march towards Yonge Street, getting as far as College and Yonge with baseball bats and the occasional slingshot firing ball bearings (I overheard a police radio talking about molotov cocktails, too). In short, they got within about 150 metres of the Coroner’s Office just as the motorcade was arriving. The timing was not accidental.

Thompson makes his case at the link.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at June 27, 2010 07:43 AM