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June 08, 2010

Can't change mind, won't change subject

If people are prepared to pay $175 dollars for a telephone course telling them the world is ending and they need to form armed bands of weirdos, they could save at least a hundred bucks - and the dangerous energy costs of a telephone call - by reading the Flea every day.

Anyone with a Peak Oil fanatic in their life has grappled with the etiquette of the Facebook unfriend button. I am certain for many the whole topic can be a drag. For me it is just one apocalyptic scenario among many and far from the bleakest.

Pro tip: Peak Oil friends are a simple way of adding to your Zombie Survival Plan without tipping your hand.

Mrs. Wilkerson has now read two dozen books about peak oil and related topics. For a while, she became depressed at work and had trouble discussing her feelings with her husband because the conversations were so dire, she said. At work, her colleagues told her directly “that they were tired of hearing about it,” she said. “They felt I was going to an extreme, thinking collapse was going to happen.”

She added, “I was ready to move out to the country and be an organic farmer, but I learned that’s not the way to do it. You need a community.”

Whereas for the low, low price of $75 dollars, Mrs. Wilkerson, I can hook you up with a global network community of armed collapsitarians. It isn't all about the oil for us, Mrs. Wilkerson, but you will be able to say as much about peak oil or whatever you want and nobody will be able to stop you from hitting the "publish" button.

My tip jar button is in the sidebar. Resist the monoculture!

Posted by Ghost of a flea at June 8, 2010 09:22 AM