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January 15, 2010

Titus Awakes

A new Gormenghast novel based on notes left by Mervyn Peake was written by Maeve Gilmore shortly after her husband's death from Parkinson's Disease in 1968 and discovered only now having been lost to the attic (a Gormenghast plot in itself; spoiler warning on the following).

The existence of her manuscript, handwritten in brown ink in four exercise books, remained unknown until Sebastian Peake's daughter Christian discovered them in the attic of her south London home.

Mr Peake said: "I was mesmerised."

Maeve Gilmore concluded the story with Titus making his home on an island, which Mr Peake interpreted as Sark in the Channel Islands, where the young family had lived in the 1940s. "It was where the family was at its happiest," he said.

"Titus metamorphosis’s into Mervyn Peake and comes home to where he wants to be," he explained.


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