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May 21, 2009


A friend of the Flea - let's call him "Ben" - is an ardent flâneur, gadabout and people viewer who enjoys attending... let's (charitably) call them community events around Toronto and on occasion I tag along. "Ben" is not always the most forthcoming chap with the details and - as I regard the asking of pointed questions as a form of cheating - it was not unusual for me to turn up at last night's event without knowing quite what it was I was attending.

Which is how I ended up at a community party for the Centre for Women and Trans People (UofT) at the Gladstone. The theme? "Policy and Performance" or something to that effect. I am afraid I was not dressed appropriately. In fairness to "Ben", I can imagine how the promise of lesbian musicians, a puppet show and drag acts was too tempting to ignore. Well, we got none of those. Nor did I get an event flier. The be-caped/nebulous character handing them out took one look at us and gave our table a miss.

The nerve of it. The little twerp's social act is predicated on feeling "excluded" and there was I with no clue whose slam poetry I was hearing.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at May 21, 2009 07:44 AM