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November 10, 2008

This is not the future my mother warned me about


Terminator Salvation art director, Martin Laing on robot design and the teaser trailer for Terminator IV. Sweet. Though I fear for a repetition of the disappointment that was my trip to Zion in the third Matrix movie (still cannot believe anybody was impressed with those mechs) this film stars Christian Bale as John Connor so will kick ass QED.

Says McG, the word "Salvation" in his movie's title is a major clue to the film's ultimate point. Humans have "sinned" by creating the machines, which ultimately destroyed most of the human race. "Even though we may sin, ultimately we deserve a second chance," says McG. More specifically, the word "Salvation" refers, in particular, to the actions of one character, who must make a major sacrifice for the good of the many. But McG wouldn't say who this sacrificial lamb is.

There are people who are surprised/offended by this, apparently. I would have thought the name John Connor is a bit of a giveaway.

Also, did they clone Arnold? Roland Kickinger is almost scarily perfect casting. That last link goes to an interview which - aside from a certain unavoidable hilarity factor - is inspirational. Much as Arnold before him, Kickanger turned up in California with nothing and proceeded to conquer Hollywood from there. "There is always a way," he says. Indeed. But unlike so much of Obama's America, Kickanger's way did not involve making himself a burden on the public purse.

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