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May 22, 2007

How to Be Privileged and Yet Feel Extremely Aggrieved

Writing for The Guardian in August of 2002, Theodore Dalrymple considered the Bloomsbury Set via the work of Virginia Woolf.*

Virginia Woolf's name is not normally associated with great affairs of state, of course. Quite the reverse. She regarded them with a fastidious disgust, as a vulgar distraction from the true business of life: attendance to the finer nuances of one's own emotional state.

Such is, as Ace once more recently if less delicately put it, the "ovarian emoting" of a "stupid vag-clown". Though if these are less delicate times we have Woolf as much as anyone to blame. You feel me?

* There is a particularly fascinating interaction with the library of Michel Leiris, a man from a time when anthropologists still did anthropology.

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