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May 11, 2007

A mean looking beast


Long-time Flea-readers will know I had the great honour and opportunity to spend two years working with a team from BAe Systems Marine (then Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd) including the naval architect for the Astute-class next generation SSN. Given the security at Barrow-in-Furness - and particularly in the sheds - it is with some surprise I learn the BBC was allowed a look around (via The Stupid Shall Be Punished).

"It's a mean looking beast. I think it looks like the alien," remarks Chris Nelson of BAE Systems, as we walk round the front of the Royal Navy's new Astute submarine in Barrow. Looming above us is a construction shed 12 storeys high. Within it are three nuclear-powered submarines at different stages of construction.

Gizmodo has more Astute porn to illustrate the point. Fun fact: BAe is sometimes credited as secretly being drafted by James Cameron for a redesign of the Conestoga-class USS Sulaco and Marine pulse rifle. While Wikipedia somewhat more credibly sites Syd Mead as the designer, Chris Nelson has a point. Personally, I would be delighted if the Royal Navy ran with an H.R. Geiger theme. And if we could elect a government with the stones to use it.

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Mmm.. gorthos loves subs..


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