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March 20, 2007

Music for a darkened people


This morning I have at long last the opportunity to right a great wrong; this by pointing Flea-readers to discounted tickets for the Edward Scissorhands musical flapping its way toward Toronto (promotional code through the discounted tickets link).

Based on the original motion picture directed by Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands features a cast of 30 dancers with music composed, arranged and adapted by Terry Davies, based on the original motion picture score by Danny Elfman.

Edward Scissorhands is devised, directed and choreographed by Matthew Bourne (Swan Lake, Mary Poppins), the only British director to have won the Tony Award for both "Best Choreographer" and "Best Director of a Musical."

Don't miss this amazing show!

Quite right. But what of the wrong I mentioned? It is shameful to write of it even now...

And I have run out the clock on this missive. I will update with the answer in an hour or so...

Only slightly belated Update: You see, a reasonable person would assume I had seen what is arguably the ne plus ultra of gothic cinema. Edward Scissorhands featuring as it does Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp (looking remarking Flea-ish on occasion) and the music of Danny Elfman. In fact, the only real contestant for the gothique title is that other Tim Burton masterpiece, Beetle Juice.

But somehow I never got round to it until a month or so ago. It is therefore somewhat serendipitous I should have the opportunity to see it once again for the first time interpreted as musical theatre. Full disclosure: I have been invited to opening night. Call this a payola post if you will but I could hardly turn up the chance to be in the Toronto version of this Washington romantigoth portrait.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 20, 2007 07:23 AM


That mentioned wrong wasn't wrong at all, but very...how do you say...Piscean.

Some might call it a siamese dream or something equally Corganesque.

Posted by: agent bedhead [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 20, 2007 12:09 PM

The tricky part was going for all those years without anyone blowing details of the plot, etc. So not only had I not seen it, I had to be careful not to mention to anyone I had not seen it. It worked like a charm in the end.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 20, 2007 12:20 PM

I have seen the first half-hour about five or six times, but I have never managed to stick around for the last half hour.

Posted by: Chris Taylor [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 20, 2007 03:16 PM