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December 14, 2005

Puddlejumping the shark


For reasons that remain obscure to me, Canadians are being treated to the second half of the second season of Stargate: Atlantis before our American cousins south of the border. Canadians who have a neighbour with digital cable, that is.

It is with a heavy heart, and some care to avoid plot spoilers, that I report on the outcome of what should be a bit of luck, media-wise. Season one of Atlantis was some of the best science-fiction ever produced for television: fast-paced, suspenseful and witty. If not for the masterpiece revision of Battlestar Galactica it would have been the best sf on the air. It was not to last. Whatever has happened at the exec level or the writers or the drinking water in Vancouver has replaced an over-arching Wraith war story arc with quick hit ST:TOS knock-offs. Yes, we finally learn if puddlejumpers may be piloted underwater but we do so in an episode so derivative it is cribbed from a season one installment of the same freaking show. There aren't enough Heinlein or PKD plots to pay homage to? Worse is a newfound bad habit of dragging in references and characters from the original SG-1 vehicle; both lazy and confusing to new viewers. But it was last week's excuse for a montage with Teyla singing that took the puddlejumper over the shark. "Eat all the fruit and throw away the rind; Yea brother, yea", etc.

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