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December 07, 2005


Turner Prize objets d'art for 2005 included a shed, an electric bicycle and what appears to be a painting of someone's rear-end. The winner: Shedboatshed. This counts as only a small step up from shark-pickling and elephant dung-painting Turner Prize recipients of yesteryear. At least shed-assembler Simon Starling intends to put his prize money to good use.

Asked what he intended to do with his prize money, Starling said he wanted to throw a replica Henry Moore sculpture into Lake Ontario. "There is a big problem with zebra mussels in the lake which have invaded and taken over and there is a Henry Moore in Toronto called Warrior with Shield. I thought it would be nice to grow some mussels on the Henry Moore for six months, then take it out and exhibit it in a museum." But, he added: "I don't like to be thought of as an eccentric. It's a serious business."

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