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December 02, 2005

Showgirl interrupted


Despite a recent lull in Kylie-themed reportage, I remain adamantly committed to bringing you, the Flea-reader, the latest in Kylie-media. Conflicting reports about Ms. Minogue's health and holiday plans have not been helpful and, considering her battle with breast cancer and the difficulties attendant to cancer treatment, I have not been certain about the propriety of passing on speculations by the press. Absent reliable news it is worth once again expressing my hopes for her swift recovery and the happiness and well-being of her family. In the meantime, the Showgirl dvd release and the miracle that is "the internet" combine to provide highlights from Kylie's Showgirl tour 2005: Especially For You, Hand On Your Heart and On A Night Like This.

"Showgirl is not only a celebration of pop songs and my career, but of a long time relationship with my audience. This is my way to say thank you and to share some of the most important moments of my journey so far, a trip down memory lane. It's been so much fun putting the show together. The set list was the starting point and the biggest challenge was to represent my finest records and also my personal favourites. The show has taken just under a year to design and build, but it has been a lifetime in the making. I hope you enjoy this special evening!"

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