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November 23, 2005

Blowing smoke


A lawsuit launched by Guy Bourdin in the wake of Madonna's "Hollywood" video made sense to me as a casual comparison showed what might charitably be described as an inspiration by the fashion photographer's oeuvre. It was with Bourdin's case in mind that I first considered Belgian songwriter, Salvatore Acquaviva's case against the Immaterial Girl for her 1998 "Frozen" single.

Salvatore Acquaviva claimed the track copied one of his songs - and it was upheld by a Belgian court, with a judge agreeing Madonna's single used part of 'Ma Vie Fout L'camp'. The little-known composer told Belgium's RTL TV in May: "I was in the bath. I was listening to the radio, and thought that's strange, I know that melody. I said it's not possible."

Indeed, not. My formal musical education being somewhat rudimentary I am at at loss to hear in these four bars the debt a Belgian court found in "Frozen" to Acquaviva's "up in smoke" ditty. Some sum of go away money seems inappropriate in this instance. Danegeld, Danes, and so forth but Belgians in this case which is arguably worse.

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