June 30, 2010

The "Anti-Capitalist" Left

In one image.

From the comments.

Property is theft and all that. Illustrated.
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Dutch oil spill response ships could suck 99% of oil from the Gulf

But can't get approved, because the Environmental Protection Agency demands 99.9985% purity.

A catastrophe that could have been averted is now playing out.

Details at the link.

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Pamela Gorman for U.S. Congress

Via Hot Air.

For example, on energy.

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DeVotchKa: How It Ends

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June 29, 2010

Rorschach wept

The President's signature is reminiscent of something.

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Roy Orbison: In Dreams

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June 28, 2010

One Night Only: Say You Don't Want It

Featuring Emma Watson.

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June 27, 2010

The new normal

Scenes from the incident and the aftermath.

The police would like a word: G20 Black Bloc vandals - Have info? Call Police 416-808-2222 or Anon @18002228477

Some people have jobs: "We had to evacuate our store. So we're just leaving and it's pretty f-ed up."

Warning, jaywalking features.

And now your moment of zen: A physics lesson.

Update: The Toronto Sun is keeping an updated G20 timeline for Sunday, June 27. I am curious about the mass arrest of 70 people from a University of Toronto student union building at 10am.

The lastest as I update this post: "12:03 p.m. — Second round of clashes between cops and activists underway. Several journalists roughed up. Cops batons drawn and were rushing protesters. Bikes on the road."

Update: Square Mile Wife links to CTV footage of the mob on Yonge Street. A number of Mannequin-Canadians are injured.

Notice the only people with enough balls to actually do anything are normal citizens, bystanders who don't want their city destroyed.

We may usefullly generalize from this observation.

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Enemy maneuvres

John Thompson didn’t think the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty would sink so low as to try to disrupt the passage of Canadian war dead.

They did.

The arrival of our war dead at the Coroner’s office always begins with a 2:00 PM arrival at CFB Trenton, and the trip from the base to downtown Toronto almost invariably takes about two and half hours.

The Anarchists and Trots lunged out of Allen Gardens up on Carleton and made a fast march towards Yonge Street, getting as far as College and Yonge with baseball bats and the occasional slingshot firing ball bearings (I overheard a police radio talking about molotov cocktails, too). In short, they got within about 150 metres of the Coroner’s Office just as the motorcade was arriving. The timing was not accidental.

Thompson makes his case at the link.

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Jonathan Quayle Higgins III: I Love Riots

Quite possibly the best band name ever.

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June 26, 2010

Your rights, should you choose to neglect them

There is a minor to do in Canada over the status of a security fence separating G20 participants from lumpen Toronto, particularly in light of a regulatory change affording police broader latitude to stop and identify anyone approaching the barrier (within 5m of the barrier, to be precise).

Take vaguely right of centre Canadian blogger Jay Currie, writing:

Let’s just suspend the Charter of Rights for a few days. I mean, hey, where’s the harm in that?

Hark at the peevish voice of outraged moderation.*

A minor problem. The Charter of Rights has not been suspended. The security fence has been designated a public work under the 1939 Public Works Protection Act and, much like, say, the perimeter fence of a hydro-electric facility, is subject to more stringent policing. No law has been changed or enacted. This is a regulatory change made by the Ontario Cabinet following a request by Toronto's chief of police for clarification of police powers and responsibilities during the G20 summit. This seems entirely reasonable to me.

It is entirely reasonable for the police to have the authority to protect the summit security perimeter and entirely reasonable for the Ontario government to provide that authority under existing law.

What is not reasonable is to assume Canadians have any rights to speak of, Charter or no Charter. Provided it can maintain the confidence of Parliament, the government of the day can do precisely what it likes. This is Canada, not the United States. The Charter of Rights has not been suspended. The Charter of Rights is valueless.

* Hey, when was the last time I slagged Jay's opinions? I am gunning for a sidebar quote here.

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The realignment of the spheres

Japan is set to negotiate a nuclear energy deal with India.

Major Japanese firms have partnered with companies abroad and engage in joint development for nuclear reactors, such as Hitachi Ltd's cooperation with General Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with France's Areva.

Sadly, related: The Chinese are desperate to live abroad, just not in England if possible.

Minna, a 34-year-old PR executive said that she had discussed emigration with her husband as recently as yesterday, but had decided to stick to China. Her opinion about the UK? Taxes are too high and the standard of living is just too low.
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Hanzel und Gretyl: Scheissmessiah

Hat tip to Barbarian Steve.

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June 25, 2010

People who have jobs and have showered today

Stand on the street.

I think they should have to show a 2009 T4 before they are allowed to stand there lol. It's like protesting against your parents while living in their basement.
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Crack Shack or Mansion?

Can you tell the difference between a crack shack and a Vancouver, BC mansion listed for one or two million dollars? Find out!

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Japanese Relocation (1942)

Because the subject came up again, the view of the American government at the time. Healthful nourishing food for all!

Background: A review of Michelle Malkin's In Defense Of Internment.

While I am going overboard for history: My Japan (1945).

You raff, you ruse!

"They work longer hours than you do, twice as long, quite often. Why not? They're not working for the clock. They're working to win the war! They do not make as much money as you do. Well, they are not working to make money, they are working to win war! They work every day of every week. Is this so strange? They are not working to get days off, they are working to win the war!"
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Debi Nova: Drummer Boy

Blame Mr. Taylor.

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June 24, 2010

A thought experiment

Remember how everyone was really embarrassed about interment? After all "They weren't enemies. They were us"* (via Binky).

But just for a second, imagine if they weren't.

Imagine for a moment, if there really were a huge group of people living in your country, and I mean millions, who were from a country your country was at war with.

And what if these people really hated your country and everything it stood for and was about, even though they were living in it and enjoying its protections and a great deal of financial support. Who worked night and day to destroy it. Who protested every time your country won a victory over their place of origin. Who advocated and sometimes committed horrible acts of violence against your people.

The rest of this conjecture at the link.

* Such is conventional wisdom. But then the closest we will ever come to knowing how things might have gone differently is the live social experiment we have chosen to live with now.

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June 23, 2010

Methane explosion/tsunami mega-disaster

Time to reconsider Florida real estate (via Gates of Vienna).

While the entire Gulf coastline is vulnerable, the state most exposed to the fury of a supersonic wave towering 150 to 200 feet or more is Florida. The Sunshine State only averages about 100 feet above sea level with much of the coastline and lowlands and swamps near zero elevation.

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The counter-revolution has begun

In Doncaster. I won't spoil the details for you.

You may be feeling disorientated, overcome by a surreal sensation, on hearing such extraordinary, unprecedented views. They are the almost forgotten, forcibly extinguished voice of sanity which most people had thought forever excised from British politics. These policies are common sense, which is something we have not experienced in any council chamber, still less the House of Commons, in decades.

The rest of The Telegraph's Mayor Peter Davies update at the link.

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June 22, 2010

Jackboots On Whitehall (Official Trailer)

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Kylie Minogue: All the Lovers

Hat tip to Jeff.

Related: "Kylie Minogue gives the French a suitably raunchy performance in a daring slashed-to-the-hip dress." Images and video at the link.

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June 21, 2010

Tom Jones: Black Betty

So not done with this yet.

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June 19, 2010

The queen of denial


Not everyone is happy Angelina Jolie may play Cleopatra.

Because they are racist.

An Essence Magazine online story asks, 'Another White Actress to Play Cleopatra?'

'Honestly, I don't care how full Angelina Jolie's lips are, how many African children she adopts, or how bronzed her skin will become for the film, I firmly believe this role should have gone to a black woman.'

Small problem. Cleopatra VII Philopator was Greek. Well, Macedonian. After almost three centuries of Ptolemaic rule in Egypt, she was the first of her line to bother to learn Egyptian.

Which is all by the by as the Egyptians were not "black" and, with one dynastic exception, neither were their pharaohs.

The bust (above) is a likeness of Cleopatra carved in her own lifetime. Compare that profile to her likeness on her coinage and I believe you will agree it is probably accurate. She wasn't Angelina Jolie - or Elizabeth Taylor, for that matter - but she was "white".

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Family values

Christopher Hitchens: A very silly man gives a very sinister speech.

This is what you get when you found a political system on the family values of Henry VIII.
We have known for a long time that Prince Charles' empty sails are so rigged as to be swelled by any passing waft or breeze of crankiness and cant. He fell for the fake anthropologist Laurens van der Post. He was bowled over by the charms of homeopathic medicine. He has been believably reported as saying that plants do better if you talk to them in a soothing and encouraging way. But this latest departure promotes him from an advocate of harmless nonsense to positively sinister nonsense.

We don't need another Thatcher. We need another Bloody Mary.

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Newbie & Dragon Oath

Hot For Words has been playing videogames.

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Spiderbait: Black Betty

I have decided to name my astral battle zeppelin Black Betty.

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June 18, 2010

E pluribus bellum

I do not read The Economist anymore but I think Charlemagne's observation is worth filing away for future rhetorical ends. By some measures, Europe is more diverse than America.

Per-capita wealth in Mississippi, the poorest state, is almost two thirds the national average. But the poorest EU member, Bulgaria, stands at 38% of the union average. Mississippi is also the most religious state: folks there are three times more likely to go to church weekly than in Vermont (the most secular state). Well, three quarters of Maltese and two thirds of Poles go to church once a week: just 3% of Danes do the same. Mississippians are less likely than Californians to think global warming is a “very serious” problem, by 56% to 73%. Try Estonia, where just 42% think climate change is “very serious”, compared to 84% of Greeks.

From which a reasonable person might conclude a currency union was not going to work, let alone the political union for which a currency union was the fig leaf. Old Europe might have been worse but it is now becoming obvious that worse was better.

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Maxim Hometown Hotties: Hotties shooting guns

I am not going to insult your intelligence with some half assed excuse for posting this. I am just going to go ahead and press "publish".

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Abney Park: Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll

For cheering up Germans today somehow.

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June 17, 2010

The Axis of Awesome: 4 Chords

Hat tip to the Sister of the Flea.

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Caddyshack - Chevy Chase shares his wisdom

For anyone considering college.

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Baccara: Yes sir, I can boogie

Prepare yourselves.

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June 16, 2010

Mr. Bean: Sex Bomb

Watch and be cleansed of all that troubles ye.

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Surrender is victory

The Most Effective Zombie Survival Plan: Become one.

I grew up while the Cold War was winding down. I went to high school in the early eighties. During that time, my nuclear survival plan was this: D.A.D. or Demand Atomic Death. I figured since we’re all going to die anyway, why not do so in a massive explosion? Go out with a bang.

My Zombie Survival Plan is just as simple: become undead.

Long time Flea readers will understand the metaphor. Expect more along these lines in the twilight of the West.

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The Kessler Sisters: Quando Quando

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June 15, 2010

At long last


The end of civilization in England.

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Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench

A handy infographic by way of visually grasping something of what is at play with the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, the relative height of Toronto's CN Tower.

Also: While I am banging on about literacy, I should point out I demand the return of Latin to the curriculum.

Pedagogically related: From the overnight open thread at Ace of Spades HQ:

... for all you current college students out there - if you're not attending a top tier university or your major doesn't involve math or computers on nearly a daily basis, you have no business borrowing money to pay for your education. These days it's a bad investment and a sucker's bet.

The evidence.

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Gradually and suddenly

Christopher Caldwell considers the incroyable possibility the French may cut welfare. He begins with an anecdote.

Soubie was working for then-prime minister Alain Juppé in 1995 when the nation underwent weeks of disruptive and violent strikes against reforms of the welfare state. As France veered towards major unrest, Le Monde wrote,
M. Soubie and his colleagues asked the relevant ministers and business leaders which particular reform projects had lit the powder keg. To their great surprise, they discovered that no such projects existed. All it had taken was a phrase, a passing mention in a speech by M. Juppé about reforming the health service, to unleash one of the most spectacular clashes of the last 30 years.

This is why France’s welfare state has always been as unreformable as it is unsustainable.
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Gather Your Armies

Hot Air: Alabama campaign ad of the day. Observations at the link.

"Now look at us."

Directly related: Via Kathy.

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Donna Theodore: Femininity

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June 14, 2010

The war on malaise

J.E. Dyer writes on Jimmy Carter and American malaise thirty years later. The following passage which struck me in particular. The comparison between pacifism and nihilism is obvious once it is pointed out.

Existential ambivalence is a parlor game; it doesn’t put food on the table or keep our property secure; it doesn’t do for us anything we actually need. The people who indulge in it do so at the sufferance of the others who don’t.
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Vangelis: Mythodea 2001 - Movement 3

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Neuromancer at long last

(Canadian) Vincenzo Natali is set to direct a film adaptation of (Canadian) William Gibson's Neuromancer.

... Natali is sticking with Canadian financiers. As such, they will be far less beholden to wussing out the ending or making the whole damned thing safe for mass audiences. If I were an investor, frankly, I'd see this as a missed opportunity for a name brand property. But Canada doesn't play that way. This is a country with nationalized health care and light rail in all major cities. Have you been to Calagary? The damned town and its ridiculous + 15 is straight out of Caprica. Natali and Gibson, of course, both hail from the Great White North. They may both be heaadbanging to the "The Fountain of Lamneth" in celebration right now.

Spoilers aside, I am happy to explain the ending of the novel to anyone who still doesn't get it. No Geddy Lee required, promise.

Related: No word if Sasha Grey is to reprise her role as Molly Millions.

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June 12, 2010

Video of PAK FA T-50 fighter jet 2nd test flight

The Sukhoi PAK FA is Russia's 5th Generation fighter jet. The T-50 performed its first flight January 29, 2010. Its second flight was on February 6, which is showed in the recently released video. The third one was on February 12. After the first test flight it was given a new look - the jet was painted in the standard clolors of the Russian Air Force.

Toys for Boys Related: The Ducati Desmosedici RR.

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Deadmau5 & Kaskade: I Remember

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June 11, 2010

Free Gaza!

... from Hamas.

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June 10, 2010

The One About Hamas

Hat tip to Square Mile Wife.

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Carl Douglas: Kung Fu Fighting

Because the rest of the news is a bit depressing.

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June 09, 2010

Na cui, Na cui

“I don’t think the Chinese even know what they shouting,” Schmitz told the paper.

Good thing too. In Canada they could end up in front of a human rights tribunal.

Long waits at Germany’s Expo 2010 pavilion in Shanghai reportedly have Chinese guests brawling and hurling “Nazi” insults.
The skirmishes reportedly began on one of the first days of the expo, which runs from May 1 to October 31. On that day a long line of people, including some in wheelchairs, became enraged with delays and began tearing flowers out of the ground and throwing them at the pavilion.

Some shouted "na cui, na cui," which the paper said was Chinese for “Nazi, Nazi,” Schmitz confirmed.

Also: Stereotypes are bad, m'kay?!

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The New Media breeds gladiators

I found Mark Steyn's piece on reaction to the abrupt retirement of Helen Thomas upsetting to read. So you should probably read it too if you haven't.

The entire Western world should be ashamed.

But read Doctor Zero on the same subject. We have things to be proud of as well.

The fall of Helen Thomas is a sign the New Media have crashed those genteel lawn parties, clad in combat pajamas and digital beer hats, asking rude questions about the hosts and laughing at their sputtering indignation. The New Media doesn’t stand on ceremony. Its elder statesmen, talk radio pioneers like Rush Limbaugh, have spent their entire careers being insulted and disrespected by the mainstream press. The same political and opinion elite that indulged decades of insane prattle from Helen Thomas, politely ignoring some of her worst outbursts, was quick to trumpet fraudulent accusations of racism against Limbaugh for things he never said, to paint him as unfit for association with a professional football team. Such relentless assaults build thick skin, and sharp wits. The New Media breeds gladiators, and has little patience for deans and doyennes.
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There was no oil company more politically correct, or more politically connected than BP

The board should be shot for the "Beyond Petroleum" thing if nothing else.

If you or I lived rent free for five years in an apartment in pricey Washington, DC, we would have to pay income taxes on the value of the rent on the place. But apparently not Rahm Emanuel.

It's not graft when Democrats do it at the link.

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Yves Klein: Blue Women Art (1962)

As I lay stretched upon the beach of Nice, I began to feel hatred for birds which flew back and forth across my blue sky, cloudless sky, because they tried to bore holes in my greatest and most beautiful work.
- Yves Klein

Also: International Klein Blue (IKB).

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June 08, 2010

Can't change mind, won't change subject

If people are prepared to pay $175 dollars for a telephone course telling them the world is ending and they need to form armed bands of weirdos, they could save at least a hundred bucks - and the dangerous energy costs of a telephone call - by reading the Flea every day.

Anyone with a Peak Oil fanatic in their life has grappled with the etiquette of the Facebook unfriend button. I am certain for many the whole topic can be a drag. For me it is just one apocalyptic scenario among many and far from the bleakest.

Pro tip: Peak Oil friends are a simple way of adding to your Zombie Survival Plan without tipping your hand.

Mrs. Wilkerson has now read two dozen books about peak oil and related topics. For a while, she became depressed at work and had trouble discussing her feelings with her husband because the conversations were so dire, she said. At work, her colleagues told her directly “that they were tired of hearing about it,” she said. “They felt I was going to an extreme, thinking collapse was going to happen.”

She added, “I was ready to move out to the country and be an organic farmer, but I learned that’s not the way to do it. You need a community.”

Whereas for the low, low price of $75 dollars, Mrs. Wilkerson, I can hook you up with a global network community of armed collapsitarians. It isn't all about the oil for us, Mrs. Wilkerson, but you will be able to say as much about peak oil or whatever you want and nobody will be able to stop you from hitting the "publish" button.

My tip jar button is in the sidebar. Resist the monoculture!

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Politics is a serious business, one must not lower the tone unduly

Margaret Thatcher: "This is an ex-parrot!"

Via AoSHQ.

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The BadPiper: ThunderStruck

Loud Pipes Save Lives.

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June 07, 2010

Violent potential and instrumental physicality

Joel Kotkin argues white, working-class of England offers a potential warning to the United States regarding the future of white, blue-collar America (via A&L Daily).

With better-paid jobs disappearing and the prospects for home ownership diminished, the traditional culture of hard work has been replaced increasingly by what Dick Hobbs describes as the "violent potential and instrumental physicality." Urban progress, he notes, has been confused with the apparent vitality of a rollicking night scene: "There are parts of London where the pubs are the only economy."

London, notes the LSE's Tony Travers, is becoming "a First World core surrounded by what seems to be going from a second to a Third World population." This bifurcation appears to be a reversion back to the class conflicts that initially drove so many to traditionally more mobile societies, such as the U.S., Australia and Canada.

Except this time, we have run out of new worlds we can escape to.

Consider if you will the Left's technical term for young men with violent potential and instrumental physicality: Revolutionary army. I expect for the "Labour" party none of this was intentional. It was just bread and circuses for the mob and the wholesale importation of voting blocs with the next election as the only horizon.

But for the community organizers on the Left it could very well be a revolutionary army was the whole idea all along. If so, I do not believe it is not going to work out the way they planned.

Closely related: The children of middle class intellectuals also stage revolutions. Not to worry though. Back in the day this would have meant engineers and such, people capable of assessing the world as it is and responding accordingly, people capable of organizing themselves and others (if only to smuggle box-cutters onto the plane).

Try imagining a revolution run by cultural studies students and despair.

Some might say that she deserves it -- who borrows $100,000 to finance a degree in women's and religious studies that won't make you any money? She should have wised up, and others should learn from her mistake, instead of learning too late, as she did: "I don't want to spend the rest of my life slaving away to pay for an education I got for four years and would happily give back."

But bubbles burst when people catch on, and there's some evidence that people are beginning to catch on.
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UKIP Nigel Farage MEP on BBC Newsnight April 2010

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Tea Party member stuns crowd


An amazing moment. This is your antidote to Helen Thomas and all of her ilk.
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June 06, 2010

Adidas Originals - Star Wars™ Cantina 2010

Beckham shot first.

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Breakage ft. Burial: Vial

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June 05, 2010

Darkstar: Aidy's Girl's A Computer

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June 04, 2010

See, this is why women aren't in charge of sports

Also, when women threaten violence in the presence of an opposing opinion it is "cute". Especially when they have been taught to offer violence, pouting and lip-quivering outrage instead of a reasoned argument to the contrary supported by evidence.

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Diana Vickers: Once

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June 03, 2010

Werner Herzog reads Where's Waldo

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June 02, 2010

The Netherlands exposes the hypocrisy the Turk

Watch this first. It predates the current fracas but remains entirely on point. Vlad Tepes:

This is a fantastic moment in politics. The Netherlands tells it like it is to Turkeys face. While this happened some time ago in the EP, it seemed like a good time to post it given Turkey's role in the current 'aid' flotilla.
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Fancy restaurants and Olympic-size pools

Tom Gross: What the media won’t report about Gaza.

In a piece for The Wall Street Journal last year, I documented the “after effects” of a previous “emergency Gaza boat flotilla,” when the arrivals were seen afterwards purchasing souvenirs in well-stocked shops. (You can also scroll down here for more pictures of Gaza’s “impoverished” shops.)

But the mainstream liberal international media won’t report on any of this. Playing the manipulative game of the BBC is easy: if we had their vast taxpayer funded resources, we too could produce reports about parts of London, Manchester and Glasgow and make it look as though there is a humanitarian catastrophe throughout the UK.

Well said, though in fairness there is a humanitarian catastrophe underway in the UK. It could take a reverse armada to sort the problem.

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Robots In Disguise: Turn It Up

Hat tip to EMG.

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