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November 19, 2012

Fritz Lang - The Nibelungen Saga (1924)

"Siegfried and Kriemhild's Revenge by Fritz Lang finally presented as one complete epic. Revolutionary film-making in its time and regarded as one of the most important silent films to this day.

"The films are presented in their most complete and uncut form (142 & 148 min. respectively), and were restored by the Munich Film Archive featuring the original 1924 orchestral score newly recorded. Part II starts at 2:22:22"

Die Nibelungen is a series of two silent fantasy films created by Austrian director Fritz Lang in 1924: Die Nibelungen: Siegfried and Die Nibelungen: Kriemhild's Revenge.

Both films were co-written by Lang's then-wife Thea von Harbou, based upon the epic poem Nibelungenlied written around 1200 AD. Siegfried was released in the U.S. on 23 August 1925, premiering at the Century Theatre in New York City in the short-lived Phonofilm sound-on-film process. Kriemhild's Revenge was released in the U.S. in 1928.

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