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October 02, 2010


Calling themselves "Niqabitches" (I assume the term is a play on a French curse word), a (leggy) pair of political science and communication students staged an unorthodox protest against the recent burka ban in France.

Said protest involving a burka, hot pants and heels.

"To put a simple burka on would have been too simple. So we asked ourselves: 'how would the authorities react when faced with women wearing a burka and mini-shorts?" the Telegraph quoted the students, one of whom is a Muslim, as asking.

"We were not looking to attack or degrade the image of Muslim fundamentalists - each to their own - but rather to question politicians who voted for this law that we consider clearly unconstitutional.

"To dictate what we wear appears to have become the role of the State (as if they didn't have other fish to fry)," they added.

While I do not subscribe to their analysis, I do approve the medium of their message (just don't try this in Toronto, under Canadian sharia, they could have been charged with... an hate crime).

That said, the two of them are lucky they were not gravely assaulted by the community whose rights they claim to espouse.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 2, 2010 07:58 AM