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July 31, 2010

Old is new again

Meet the new Russia: Formerly known as the KGB, "FSB" is a Russian initialism standing for "Human Rights Commission".

In a move that harks back to the dark days of the KGB, the Russian security service has been given new powers to crack down on so-called 'thought crime'. The Federal Security Service, successor to the feared Soviet KGB, will now be able to summon and imprison people it believes are about to carry out a crime.

In a statement yesterday, the Kremlin said the security service, known as the FSB, would now be able to issue warnings to those 'whose acts create the conditions for the committing of a crime'.

Same as the old Russia: Follow the link for an explanation why Canada needs new fighter aircraft.

Canada and Russia engaged in a war of words Friday over this week’s confrontation between two Canadian CF-18 fighter jets and two Russian bombers.

National Defence officials said the fact that two Russian TU-95 Bears flew into Canada’s “area of interest” – about 250 nautical miles, or 460 kilometres, away from Goose Bay, Nfld. – constituted a “close one.” The incoming Russian planes were spotted by NORAD on Wednesday, and two Canadian fighter jets were dispatched from the air force base in Bagotville, Que., to meet them.

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