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June 27, 2010

Anarchists burning police cars and looking for a fight

Intestinal blockage passes for irony: "This is what democracy looks like! That is what a police state looks like!"

PintoPonyProductions reports - They are actually attacking people who are taking pictures: "Camera is not expression. It is part of the spectacle."

These Guy Debord references make for a better class of riot.

Torontopia reports - Toronto G20 - Yonge Street trashed: "Yonge Street was trashed by anarchists during the big G20 protest march. I didn't see any looting, just smashed windows."

This is a masterpiece of détourné flânerie (oops, had Debord on the brain). The running commentary on the specific targets of this Afternoon of Broken Glass is particularly cogent.

Toronto mounted police: "Thank you for your cooperation!"

I have a love/hate relationship with Canadian etiquette. I mean, there is a time and a place.

Note the peace-rioters broke a window at Remington's, a gay bar on Yonge Street. Normally this sort of thing would be described as a "hate crime". But then the Left is untroubled by consistency of conscience.

That said: "Bell was trashed. Can't say I feel too bad." Testify, brother.

Sacrilege: They trashed Tim Horton's at College and Yonge (end of the above video).

Citizen journalism continues: "The thing is obviously the police were not around here. The police were down by the business district protecting the leaders of the G20 and not the retail on Yonge Street. Some people took advantage of that to trash downtown Toronto."

And then: Jay Currie has pics from the G20 protest.

I can’t help but notice that, apparently, Black Bloc is all about creating photo ops so its members can use their cameras. And a lot of the photo gear on display is very high end indeed.

So these would be your working class anarchists eh?

And via Jay, Mark Steyn.

I may have to revise my old line about the British police being "the most monumentally useless in the developed world".

Finally, via Mark, Kate McMillan.

Any city that stands aside to photograph itself burning - deserves to.

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