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April 20, 2010

If you want a more liberal Britain, vote Conservative

An American weasel summarizes British political parties.

Yep, the Conservatives’ new logo is a little squiggly tree. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the party under David Cameron, then how about this: I was brushing my teeth this morning, listening to Radio 4 and there was — honest to god — a soundbite of Cameron saying, “if you want a more liberal Britain, vote Conservative.”

I almost swallowed my toothbrush.

Snubbed Thatcher. Only put up female candidates where he could. The sort of green who rides his bike to work while a limo drives behind him with his briefcase. Gone to great pains recently to explain that the Tories won’t balance the budget by cutting government.

I hate this man with the sort of searing flame that can only be extinguished with a double fistful of soft, soothing entrails. Whatever happens, Cameron MUST go down.

American conservatives, pay close attention. This is your future under Mitt Romney and the forthcoming appeasement of Obamacare. This is why - objectively - a McCain victory would most probably have been worse. The Left, much like al Qaeda, saw itself in a position of vast, underestimated strength but the Left under Obama, much as al Qaeda under Osama, has moved too soon.

Now we decide if we give another inch - another mile - or whether now is the time when we turn back a mistake decades in the making. England under Cameron would be to continue the mistake. More Gordon Brown - or even a feckless LibDem interregnum - is needed to bring the lesson home; German banks and the American military are still two lifelines too many for Britain.

Sink her then start again. When the money has gone the rats will scurry home soon enough.

A case in point: Given the current economy, men out of work at higher rates than women and a hurting industry, Canada's "conservative" government is entertaining this nonsense.

One of Canada's largest industrial unions says the federal government and construction industry employers must act together to help break the glass ceiling that blocks women's entry to careers in construction.

In a presentation today to the Standing Committee on the Status of Women, the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada proposed that construction employers be required to ensure increased participation of women as a condition of their project, especially if they are recipients of government funding.

A conservative government would openly mock this sort of thing and, once the public finished collectively taking in its breath at the sound of the truth, join in. Except the stupid, whose feelings may be bruised.

But if we are cruel enough with their feelings they will give up politics as a bad job. Which would be win.

Your ball, Mr. Harper.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at April 20, 2010 07:49 AM


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