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April 06, 2010

Some of the guys who tried to kill us are Carleton students

Yesterday, at about 1:45am, Carleton University journalism student and VP Student Issues Nick Bergamini, and his Israeli roommate Mark Klibanov came close to being beheaded in the name of peace.

In Ottawa, the capital city of Canada and the global capital of ill informed, ill educated, smirking moral superiority. In Ottawa, long time appeaser and enabler of any dictatorship, any savagery, provided it takes a poke at the great republic to our south. Confederates, Nazis, Stalinists, it was all as nothing if it got you access in Ottawa, if it got you invited to the right cocktail parties.

The obscene face of fascism, the night side of Ottawa's pretensions and proprieties, the enforcers for its worship of Establishment received opinion, used to be Heritage Front bully boys who got a wink and a nod from the cops.

Now it is a grinning corsair with a cutlass.

Tonight I went out to the bars downtown. It was a great night with my roommate Mark Klibanov. Around 1:45am, as we were leaving the bar, and we heard the shout of "Zionist" in Arabic. As it stands now, we weren't sure if the shouts were directed at myself, a known a supporer of Israel, or Mark, an actual Israeli.

Quickly, we both responded that yes we were Zionists. All of a sudden we were surrounded by 10-15 men who began to shout at us in Arabic. We tried to back out and run away. All of a sudden, I was struck in the back of the head. I'm not sure if it was a fist, a rock or a pipe but it left me dazed and bleeding.

We quickly ran back to the bar and stood beside the bouncers. The crowd of anti-Israel thugs dispersed.

About 10 minutes later, assuming that it was safe, we began to walk home. We were walking through a parking lot when a car pulled up next to us. The driver shouted "I fucking hit you, you Jew."

We stood our ground. Quickly we had three guys around us. We were able to push them away. As the cowards that they were, they retreated. Then I heard, shouts of "Open the trunk!" One of them opened the trunk and I saw glistening in the street light the reflection of a 12-inch machete. "Fucking Jew," he shouted. I began to run for my life as he was only 5 or 6 feet away.

I ran, and as I looked back, I saw the long shiny blade slicing through the air about 12 inches from my neck. I ran as fast I could and, thanks to my grade 9 track and field training, got away.

People who were around the scene said the blade came within inches of my neck.

Now, the debate on campuses has reached the next level. In this country, people are no longer safe if they support Israel. But you know what? I will never take back my beliefs. I support Israel 100 per cent.

But I will say this. Some of the guys who tried to kill us are Carleton students and I recognize who they are. What is this country coming to?

UPDATE: Many people have been asking if I've filed a police report. Just wanted to let you all know that yes, we certainly did and I have full confidence that the authorities will deal with it accordingly.

In this country, people are no longer safe if they support Israel.

But criticize latter day Nazis at your peril; at the risk of your job, at the risk of your liberty, at the risk of your life.

Links at Take Back Your School via Blazing Cat Fur.

Michael Coren: It was only a matter of time.

Some of us have reported for months now that Jewish students have been intimidated and threatened on campuses across Canada by Islamic thugs. Now Nick Bergamini has been attacked with a lethal weapon and, it seems, could easily have been killed. He happens not to be Jewish but a conservative, a Zionist and friendly with Jewish and Israeli students. First they came for the Jews, then they came for their friends, then … we have more Israeli Apartheid Week sessions.
The Ottawa police are investigating and Nick is determined to continue his work and not compromise on his politics. Welcome to the free exchange of ideas at our publicly-funded universities and the “safe spaces” that other Ottawa students screamed about when they prevented Ann Coulter from speaking last week.

Update: The National Post is reporting with more details. One important revision concerns the location of the attacks in Gatineau (formerly Hull), and not a bar on Elgin or in the Market in Ottawa as I had thought. Gatineau is a predominantly French speaking city just across the river from Ottawa in Quebec. This means the investigation for these attempted murders are now the responsibility of the Quebec police.

I would laugh but the bitter sarcasm would melt my keyboard.

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