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March 25, 2010

At least that shows good judgment

Tunku Varadarajan on David Frum and "Polite-Company Conservatives."

North of the border we just call them "Canadian Conservatives."

Yesterday, I got an email from a prominent conservative academic; it was, I think, a touch harsh on the object of its attention. Here’s what it said: “Frum's pathetic, desperate whining reeks of self-loathing. At least that shows good judgment: I loathe him, too.”

Via Ace, adding re. Frum (and the remainder of the Canadian retardentsia).

But because his attitude is viewed more favorably by the liberal retardentsia whose approval he so craves, he deems that his attitude is the more sophisticated and intellectualized one.

Less intellectualized: Jonah Goldberg condemns "spot the boob job" features, links Supermodels, then and now.

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