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December 10, 2009

Free the prisoners, jail the judges

There is a frisson of irony to be had watching John Lennon advocating the rights of violent criminals on the streets of New York City; hoist on his own retard, etc.

But I think the real lesson of this sorry little spectacle has to do with the nature of aristocracy. If you have too much money, too much freedom, too much attention as a young man, you are denied the opportunity for the blunt facts of the world to help you grow out of your stupidity.

Free the prisoners, jail the judges
Free all prisoners everywhere
All they want is truth and justice
All they need is love and care

Just breath-taking in its stupidity. I do not think I am watching a man valorizing his own murderer. I think I am watching a case study in the degeneration of every elite group since the dawn of time (via Five Feet of Fury).

John and his wife Yoko Ono debut the song Attica State on Dec. 16, 1971, with newly-written sheet music in front of him. After the performance, a shout is heard from the balcony and Frost brings down a couple to the front of the stage to confront him over their song.

The couple (typical middle-class, White, Archie-Bunker types that dominated NYC then) rip into Lennon for praising the prisoners.

Related: By their fruits ye shall know them.

"Can't people see that beneath these robes I'm just a normal English girl? I'm just Ericka, a harmless pensioner. You wouldn't look twice at me if you saw me wearing so-called Western clothes. I was a hippy once. I was also a big Beatles fan. But I've found religion. It's really important to me."

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