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December 10, 2009

Command and control

DrewM comments to good effect on Obama's command and control economy. Worth repeating: If Obama really was a Cuban sleeper agent, what exactly would he be doing differently?

Between this, health care and unprecedented levels of debt and spending we are simply witnessing an attempt to destroy the United States as we know it. I really hate the paranoid style of politics but what else is it when you are looking at such massive government takeover and interference with the basic institutions and freedoms this country is built on?

It seems people, not just conservatives and not even the tea party folks, are waking up to this and saying No. Right now, we're simply fighting delaying actions in an attempt to stop the most dangerous of this garbage until the midterms next year.

Hold the line! Hold the line!

I'm really glad that whoever this administration official is they are so tone deaf. "Command and control" is not a focused group phrase designed to blur the real intention of the regulations. It's the kind of phrase that will make the hair stand up on the back of the necks of ordinary Americans who will be frightened by such talk. Of course, the apparatchiks in the Obamastream Media will simply refuse to report it but enough people will hear it.

Related: You have to admire the man's consistency as Barack H. Obama throws the Nobel committee under the bus.

Barack Obama's trip to Oslo to pick up his Nobel peace award is in danger of being overshadowed by a row over the cancellation of a series of events normally attended by the prizewinner.

Norwegians are incensed over what they view as his shabby response to the prize by cutting short his visit.

The White House has cancelled many of the events peace prize laureates traditionally submit to, including a dinner with the Norwegian Nobel committee, a press conference, a television interview, appearances at a children's event promoting peace and a music concert, as well as a visit to an exhibition in his honour at the Nobel peace centre.

He has also turned down a lunch invitation from the King of Norway.

One bow too far?

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