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December 09, 2009

The problem

Investor's Business Daily summarizes part of America's problem in Afghanistan (via Andy McCarthy).

This is the double game Pakistan is playing. In effect, Pakistani intelligence is running its own secret war against America, a war bankrolled by the Saudis. These are the Taliban's shadow partners. And they are winning. In effect, we are offering Pakistan-based insurgents 30,000 new targets with no changes in the rules of engagement. Even now, when our troops come under attack, they are not permitted to pursue enemy fighters back across the border and destroy their Pakistani redoubts. Imagine sending troops to France to free the French from the Nazis but failing to take out their Eagle's Nest next door in Germany. Welcome to our war policy today in Afghanistan.

The rest of the problem is that, upon learning this news, most Americans will still be unwilling to declare war on a crusade against "Pakistan" and "Saudi" Arabia.

Also: The problem, continued.

Israeli health authorities announced today the desire to send 10,000 vaccines against Swine Flu to the Gaza Strip, the portion of the Palestinian territory governed by the radical-Islamist party Hamas which has been under embargo and isolation for the last 2 years.

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