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October 21, 2009

As a moat defensive to a house


Bundesbank director Thilo Sarrazin made some observations about immigration and integration that many of his countrymen agreed with, many would have thought to be blindingly obvious. For his trouble he is likely to be charged with "incitement to racial hatred" as opposed to, say, "incitement to being lynched". Naturally, he now lives in fear for his life - let alone his opinions - as a tiny unrepresentative minority of adherents of the religion of peace once again find it in their hearts to issue blood curdling death threats against his person.

One finds surprise a difficult emotion to conjure.

In contemporary Europe, leading a life surrounded by body guards has become normal for people such as Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician who criticizes the Islamization of his native land, and Kurt Westergaard, a Danish cartoonist who made a drawing depicting the Muslim Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. Thilo Sarrazin has now joined their ranks. His boss Mr. Weber, however, does not want to become the target of angry Muslims. He has apologized to everyone who might feel offended by the “discriminatory comments” of the Bundesbank official. Indeed, the Bundesbank issued a statement distancing itself in the strongest terms from the interview. It also demoted Sarrazin; he may even be fired altogether.

Here is the thing. Thilo Sarrazin's boss almost certainly believes something close to the same thing as Sarrazin does if not, to be certain, sharing in Sarrazin's conviction in the virtue of speaking one's mind. But let us say for the sake of argument that Sarrazin's opinions are offensive, wrong-headed and inaccurate. All of this might be confronted without the next step, a groveling apology and a witch hunt to demonstrate the sincerity of a submission born as it is from a wish not to be targeted for death along with Sarrazin.

We cannot go on this way.

Because at some point the local hard men, if not the soft men of the Bundesbank, will realize the state will do nothing to defend them or their families - will demonize them as racist should they choose to defend themselves - and that a death threat against the man making a groveling apology is likely to be far more effective than a death threat against the man speaking his mind. This isn't a prediction, it's physics. It is action and reaction.*

Perhaps it is because I grew up with my mind on Northern Ireland but the pattern before us is depressingly familiar. Our political classes, nursed on the Frankfurt School all unawares, seem hell bent on recreating the Weimar hotbed from whence their pass-me-down opinions were born.

Next up: "Protective Echelons" and the like. Take, for example, the (presumably) young man pictured above in his English Defence League "Burka Face Mask" hoodie now offered for sale at the EDL eBay store. His expression, while difficult to read, does not suggest he is joking. It suggests he is learning by example.

For all I know, the EDL is an MI5 sting operation intended to draw out those more energetically opposed to the Establishment's best efforts to transform the United Kingdom. But it is not out of the question the EDL is as advertised, an attempt to organize football supporters - energetic young men with a sense of local pride - into a peaceful protest movement. Keep pushing and they are a short step to something else entirely.

* In fact, I would call it the second movement of a dialectic but then that's why they call us neo-cons. Just as well, the Devil too can quote Hegel.

Vuja de: "English Defence League response to the lies of the UAF and some elements of the press."

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 21, 2009 06:28 AM


Our county sheriff, about 12-14 years ago, commented that if he was able to put 5 to 10 illegal aliens living in our county behind bars, crime locally would drop 80 to 90 percent.

He was required to go to multi-cultural sensitivity training and to apologize.

The truth? It was never an issue about the truth.

Posted by: OregonGuy [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 21, 2009 12:14 PM

The incongruity of a man surnamed Sarrazin (cognate of Saracen)being sacked for criticising an aspect of Islam or Muslims is ironic beyond belief.

Posted by: dpatten [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 21, 2009 01:10 PM

This is why Merkel won. It remains to be seen if she can straighten things up quick enough to prevent the phenomenon you're speaking of.

We have this very thing right here in Ontario too. Caledonia. Disheartening to see government officials acting like such utter fools.

Posted by: The Phantom [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 22, 2009 09:59 AM

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