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October 16, 2009

Sedition and the Black Flag


Islam4UK,a British Muslim vanguardist organization with apparent links to the banned al-Muhajiroun, is to hold an "incendiary rally" in central London on October 31.

The group declared: “We hereby request all Muslims in the United Kingdom, in Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Glasgow and all other places to join us and collectively declare that as submitters to Almighty Allah, we have had enough of democracy and man-made law and the depravity of the British culture.

“On this day we will call for a complete upheaval of the British ruling system its members and legislature, and demand the full implementation of Shari’ah in Britain.”

A country with heart would know what to do: Enforce the law; it is that or chaos and the sword. A country of men whose hearts are depraved will have the choice made for them.

The end of the line: Paul Weston and the the destruction of the British police force.

Britain has drastically lowered its police entry requirements, even to the point of overlooking criminal records, in order to recruit a higher proportion of ethnic minorities. The British police now recruit immigrants who are not even British citizens, provided they have indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Finally: Islamism must carry a price.

The investigation of a CERN physicist for contacts with Al Queda, and a Glasgow doctor and dentist attempt to carry out an airport car bombing. These are not the alienated or disenfranchised immigrants, a description that the press routinely uses to try and turn the perpetrators into victims. No, some are even European born. Rather what they are are Islamists who blended successful lives in the society of the infidels, with their own religious fanaticism. And they were able to do that because tolerance for Islam eliminated any barriers and obstacles to being both Islamists and middle class professionals.

The question is not a casual one, because in reality most terrorism stems from the sons of the middle and upper class. The immigrants in the ghettos may riot, toss molotov cocktails at the police and rob and rape—but it tends to be the university graduates who actually join up with international Muslim terrorist groups and begin planning attacks. Traditionally the middle class has always provided the upper ranks of terrorist groups, and it is no different with Islamist terrorists.

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