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September 24, 2009

Fire. Them. All.

Ezra Levant reports the Canadian Human Rights Commission is proceeding with an investigation against Richard Warman for hate speech. This may be a bit inside baseball if you are reading this from anywhere outside Canada or, indeed, if you are a Canadian who relies on the television, the radio or the papers for your news. But trust me, this is huge (via Blazing Cat Fur).

Also, hilarious.

Question: will Bernie "Burny" Farber and the pro-censorship Canadian Jewish Congress intervene against Warman in this case, as they have intervened before? Or is Warman's bigotry the good kind of bigotry, according to the Official Jews? How does the CJC feel about giving a "human rights" award to someone who has been under investigation for hate speech for nearly three years? Is it OK by Burny to call Jews "scum" on a neo-Nazi website, if it's done by his friend?

Question: after this month's declaration by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that section 13 is unconstitutional, both Burny and Warman said they still think the law is valid. Now that Warman is in trouble, will they change their minds?

Question: note the date on this ruling, September 9th. That's a week after the tribunal declared section 13 was illegal. The CHRC is obviously still investigating section 13 cases, even though the law has been declared unconstitutional. How does Rob Nicholson, the Justice Minister, feel about his agency continuing to prosecute a law that has been declared illegal?

Question: is the CHRC financing Warman's expenses to defend himself? Are they still financing other complaints by him?

Question: is there anyone left in this entire country -- other than those on some HRC payroll -- who doesn't think this entire corrupt system needs to be shut down and subject to a forensic inquiry and a deep audit, headed up by a judge?

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