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August 27, 2009

Where's Mary Jo Kopechne's eulogy?


Henry Rollins.

Can you imagine what the parents of the deceased would be going through when they found out that their 28-year-old daughter died alone in total darkness? I serve no time. Not inconvenienced by the burdensome obstacle of incarceration, I seek to maintain my elected position. I am successful and remain a senator for the next four decades. Would any deed I performed in that time, besides going to prison for the negligent homicide I committed all those years ago, be enough to wipe the slate clean?

Read the whole thing (via Ace).

More: From Allahpundit at Hot Air.

Thus does Rollins become one of the few liberals apparently more exercised at Kennedy for what happened at Chappaquiddick than at Andrew Breitbart for insisting on bringing it up. As a supplement to the Kennedy reading list in last night’s Quotes of the Day, I offer you two pieces in juxtaposition: Michael Kelly’s harrowing 1990 piece for GQ describing the great feminist’s sexual assault of a waitress and E.J. Dionne’s insulting paean to Teddy’s alleged “empathy” in today’s WaPo. The title of his piece, no joke: “Ted Kennedy’s Humanity.”

Update: From the comments at Halls of Macademia.

Camelot, well there's a lady in the Lake.

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