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March 13, 2009

Beware the wrath of a quiet man

Melanie Reid considers events in Luton, known to the rest of us thanks to YouTube, no thanks to all those license fees. Have all the lies - and all the abuse - finally brought about "a society less willing to tolerate other people's grievances than it was".

Hell, yes.

So let us be honest. When we saw the TV footage of Muslim demonstrators in Luton greeting the returning soldiers as butchers and rapists and cowards, didn't we feel a sudden wash of anger? Didn't we, inside ourselves, hear a voice we recognised as our own cry: “You bastards!”

The people of the town, out on the streets to welcome home the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, clearly did. Their visceral reaction was to turn on the anti-war protesters. There was, for a few minutes, the remarkable sight of the spirit of peaceful, respectable middle-Britain, in its M&S anorak and its sensible shoes, provoked into physical violence.

The scene was brief, but its resonance huge. You can bet that any clever politician who watched will know they witnessed this unassuming, easygoing society of ours reaching the limits of its tolerance. This was the tipping point; the no-go area; the discourtesy too far. You may hate our policies, and disagree with our wars, the people cried, but do not insult our young men and women in uniform.

Via Looking For A Voice, whence the tag line.

Dhimmis: Know your place: Nazir "Lord" Ahmed "of Rotherham" murders another driver thanks to his selfishness and carelessness. He is released after serving sixteen days of his sentence thanks to our selfishness and carelessness.*

And somewhere a distant drumbeat - closer than before - for a strong man on a horse. The Establishment is running out of time and whatever authority their ancestors left them. All their sensitivity training and all their finger pointing cannot change the fact society must be defended.

If not that, the mob.

We are making it obvious now. Our interference in the process of justice is plain. You can all see that the Islamists can do what they like, and we dare not stand against them. We banned Wilders so that you would watch his film. We released Ahmed so that you would know that the law is powerless against him. We protect the Islamist “anti-war protesters” and arrest you if you bother them. We are sending you a message.

Because we do not have the courage to do anything. That will be your job. We are washing our hands of the whole business. We think it is too late to come up with a peaceful solution. The beast is loose.

After the new Holocaust has wiped out England’s Muslims, including the peaceful majority who are not Islamists, then we will say “It wasn’t us! It was the BNP, and the people who voted for them!

Never again, they said. But it is even money whether the mob turns on the new Caliphate or whether it reverts to type - with the help of Prince Charles and the BBC and the universities and the whole of the chattering classes - and once again turns on the Jews instead. Things are going to get very ugly.

* Too harsh a price to pay for a dhimmi's life in the view of "Britain"'s Minister for Social Cohesion.

In related news, we deserve everything we get: Muslim protester at Luton Army homecoming is an airport baggage handler. Not to worry. Jalal Ahmed passed all the required security checks.

Now for a "conservative" point of view: Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (yes, this is still England we are talking about), Shadow Minister for "Community Cohesion And Social Action" (admittedly, England rewritten as a socialist dystopia) represented the Tories on tv's Question Time.

This would have been the chance for Baroness Warsi to use her it's-OK-I'm-a-Muslim get out of jail free card to make the point no-one else dared make, viz: that we now have a two-tier policing system in Britain, with one rule for Muslim protestors and another for everyone else. Had those bearded troublemakers belonged to any other than the Religion of Peace they would have been moved swiftly on by the police for breaching the peace. The vast majority of people in Britain feel very strongly on this issue. All it needed was someone on Question Time with the gumption to say so.

She lacked it. But then, she is not the Shadow Minister for the Vast Majority of People in Britain. That post remains vacant.

Travel advisory: More about scenic Luton.

A word from Pat Condell: If you are offended by the sight of British soldiers marching through a British town then you do not belong in this country.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 13, 2009 08:34 AM


Dear United Kingdom,

It truly saddens me to see a once powerful empire prostrate on her knees bowing to the god of multiculturalism and political correctness. Stand true to your principles and your values. Do not let the soft jihad kill your democracy from within.
yours truly, a Canadian

Posted by: dhimmidimwit [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 13, 2009 03:18 PM

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