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November 11, 2008

You just have to say "no, I won't" one more time than they can say "yes, you will"


We owe them a debt we cannot repay, only honour.

We have work to do.

Sheridan: Why not come up with a way to turn the war room into…I don't know…The Voice of the Resistance! Susan, during World War II, the French Resistance used to go on the air for one hour a night, always from a different location, broadcasting the real news about the war. Providing intelligence for the resistance fighters, encouraging Germans to defect. Well, why can't we do the same thing here?

Ivanova: Why do I get the ugly suspicion that you're volunteering me for this job?

Sheridan: I accept your offer!

Babylon 5, Lines of Communication

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What looks like strength today will be seen as weakness tomorrow. The irrational admiration for Obama can not last. It is a fad like the latest song or hairstyle or teen idol. It will pass. The cult of Obama is a balloon waiting to be popped. We should give thanks that liberals are so foolish as to vote their emotions rather than their minds to present such a weak leader. How has wild-eyed fanatic devotion to a leader worked for the Iranians or Al Qaeda? Why do you think it would work for the Democrats?

Stop wailing about what a disaster this is and start arming yourself for the fight to come. Read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers so that you know why the Founding Fathers organized the government the way it is. Arm yourself with arguments for the coming assault on the Bill of Rights. Obama will want to reduce the military, raise taxes, mandate volunteers, ban guns, muzzle talk radio, and super-size the government. These are happy fights which we will win.

While it is alarming to see ignorance in such great numbers and on the march, our ideas are better and will come to be accepted because they work and theirs don't. The coming year will be the intellectual equivalent of Rorke's Drift.

Lest we forget: Gas Shells Bombardment.

On October 9, 1918, an HMV sound engineer named Will Gaisberg set up a primitive piece of recording equipment immediately behind a unit of the Royal Garrison Artillery stationed outside Lille and recorded a British gas-shell bombardment. His purpose in doing so was to preserve the sounds of war before the coming armistice caused them to vanish forever from the face of the earth.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at November 11, 2008 08:44 AM


My dad was a phonophile. I remember his picking up a huge collection of records as part of the sale of a house we owned in Boise. Inside that collection was a recording of gas artillery shells being fired.

I think it was on an LP called "Sounds of History". Pre-computers, I was forced to become an audio nerd. It's the technology we had. I listened to records and DX'd stations all over the world. (Mebbe that's why I'm addicted to the 'net today?)

Posted by: OregonGuy [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 11, 2008 04:22 PM