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May 02, 2008

Let. Them. Rest. In. Peace.

Agent Bedhead on the continuing persecution of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.

At the time of their suicides, Blake and Duncan both genuinely believed they were being harassed by Scientologists, and Theresa remained frustrated that production had halted for a movie based upon one of her scripts, which happened to somewhat criticize the cult. She had a hunch that Tom Cruise, who possessed the requisite access and power, had blocked the film. That certainly sounds reasonable, since his control-freak tendencies are quite notorious. Did Cruise actually do it? We’ll never know, but it’s time for any “interested parties” to stop the madness of destroying the legacies of Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan. Let. Them. Rest. In. Peace.

Theresa, bless, was a bit loony; she was an artist, a Truther and lived in Venice Beach and Manhattan, Obama's base in other words. I do not know enough to have an informed opinion about her suspicions of the cult after the Beck album cover/acting imbroglio; let alone a Tom Cruise connection, if any, to events. But even a paranoid person has every reason to question the motives of Scientology. There is no reason - ever - to grant the cult any benefit of the doubt.

As for the rest, including and especially NBC, Gina Gionfriddo and Richard Sweren, the motive is obvious: Greed. At least some Scientologists honestly believe they are saving the world. I cannot say the same for Law and Order.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at May 2, 2008 06:31 AM