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April 12, 2008

First, they came for KKKate, and I did not speak out because I was a leftard

Kate MacMillan observes leftist blogs also have comment sections.

I wonder how many of you have paused to consider your own databases, and the google caches they lurk in? Have you thought about how you might be called to account for readers who have accused me of being bought and paid for by politicians? Of being a "Nazi sympathizer"? Who've denigrated my artwork? Who have posted fabricated "quotes" they've attributed to me?

Because, in case you haven't noticed, there's really no way for me to lose. I may shell out a few dollars over this complaint, but the precedent will be a gold mine. The Canadian left have provided me the fodder for a full time career as a plaintiff.

So, hurry now.


Read the whole thing. It will move you.*

The other day I was asked if I went looking for trouble, seeking out confrontations. I said, "You have noticed that Protestant has the word 'protest' in it, right?" It is a sentiment that is not limited to Protestants, of course, to Christians or even to those who believe in the divine. But it is a sentiment that is strictly limited to those of us who believe in something. I have learned many things this week, the most important of which being there are two kinds of people.** There are people who care about freedom and people who do not; the latter more interested in themselves or, worse to my mind, just cannot be bothered. Kate is right. This is not about what we say. This is about who we are.

* Feel free to skip over the quote at the top. I have it on reliable authority from a commenter at SDA that my "caricature" of the academy is "preposterous". Obviously someone who has never been interviewed for a tenure-track position.
** "People who say there are two kinds of people and people who don't." Ahem.

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